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3 months post-op (lap band)

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Wow, time has flown by so quickly. I apologize for not updating regularly.


Let's see, when I last updated (3 weeks post-op) I went in for my first band fill. It was unsuccessful. The scar tissue has healed but that was never the problem as I previously thought and blogged about. I visited another location for True Results and learned that the placement of my port is tilted which makes it challenging for the FNP to access it. So, I now go in for what's known as 'guidance.' This means that I lay on an x-ray table to have the tech locate the exact location/site of the port. The FNP then goes in to fill it that way. No more problems. Thank you Jesus!


I have noticed that the closer I get to needing a band fill, I have less restriction. This is scary because I can eat MORE. Too much of a good thing can be harmful. I have to be especially careful when those times come. I am learning. I appreciate this process.


All of my pants are saggy. I have more room in between my stomach and the steering wheel in my car. I can run intervals on the treadmill for 1-2 minutes. I fit more comfortable in arm chairs. Sex used to be great - now it's awesome (sorry if that's TMI but this is my experience). My face is not as round. I don't get winded as easily and can breathe so much better than pre-op. My BMI is lower. I have a great blood pressure and all my lab work is great. I am a little more outgoing. I look forward to shopping. I'm still a big girl wearing plus size clothes but I am definitely not where I used to be. 


I knew going into this procedure that I was gaining my life back. Lap band is a tool. It works as long as I use it in the way in which it was designed to be used. I eat under 1,000 calories. Protein FIRST then veggies and carbs. I drink water. Lots of it. No milk, no soda, no chips, no candy, no cakes, no pasta, no rice, no white potatoes, etc. I don't miss milk nor soda. Chips, sweets, and other carbs - I miss them but I know the damage that I allowed them to do to me before is worth the sacrifice of not having them at this time in my life. It does not mean that I will never have any of these again, but I am only 3 months out and my focus is to stay on track by doing what I know needs to be done so that I can live a longer and healthier life.


So, here I am...3 months post op. I am so thankful for this tool. I am looking forward to losing more weight while gaining healthier lifestyle changes.


SW: 335

CW: 279

GW: 255 (I'm going to be more realistic this time around. This is my new short term goal that I hope to reach by 10/31.)


Until next time,



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Thank you for your update... I too am 4 months post op for lap band and had a tilted port. I actually had my 1st surgery 9/20 /14 and then when they went to do fill ... The line between port & band was bent. The 1st doctor claimed it was scar tissue... He placed fluid in line and couldn't get it out so they had to race me into a 2nd surgery 11/20 to replace the port ....As you can imagine when I went back for my 2nd attempt at my first fill I was a bit freaked....I found a new Dr as I believe the first Dr was not bring transparent or honest .

Crazy thing is without a fill I have lost almost 37 pounds on my own. goal is to loose 50! I have been looking for people who have bands as very few bands being done in late 2014 & 2015.... Especially Low BMI folks out there who have bands ... I was a 30 BMI to start on edge of what they will do. This is my first post ever ... Never ever posted any post on any blog... Is this called a blog? Anyway I find comfort in all of you who are sharing.... Got to love technology....

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AWESOME! So glad you were able to get that fixed. It can definitely be a bit scary.


I wish I was starting where you are. I reached 249 around Christmas. I gained some of that back and am at 253. I have been struggling to get down from there. 


I'm changing up my workout routine and diet to get back on track. I have a goal in mind and will reach it in due time.



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