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Lapband Coffee Group - Burlington - Tues. Aug 26th - 7:00 p.m. & Update

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Hello Band Buddies
Well I’m back !
After taking a few months off from the coffee groups for my hip replacement  I’ll be starting them up again starting in August and September.
The Brampton group will be starting up again in September and I’m trying to figure out a date for the Durham group (I might try a Monday night) and also I will be again trying the Toronto group on a Saturday morning.
The dates have not been finalized yet.  I have to take it slow but I do miss the groups so I thought I would start with Burlington group and go from from there.
Remember, the groups are successful because people make them successful… ONLY YOU can make the time to come and take an hour or two for yourself… we can all make excuses but if you want support from fellow bandsters it’s out there.    
The band is an investment in your health… you also need to invest time for yourself in this journey.
I’m looking forward to getting back on the “band-wagon" and seeing everyone come out.
Tom, Toronto
Banded July 6 06
Wt. Loss:  160 lbs
Lapband Coffee Group – Burlington
Tuesday, August 26th – 7:00 p.m.
Second Cup
901 Brant St
Burlington, ON L7R 2J6
(Just West of the Walmart)
The Lapband Coffee Groups are open to EVERYONE who has had Lapband Surgery or if you’re looking into the lapband process, recently banded, or a long time "Bandster". 
This is a great way to find out about the lapband from individuals who have had the surgery and to ask questions or just listen to individuals share their lapband journey experience.
No need to sign up… just show up and if you can’t find the group ask for Tom at the cash register.
If you have any questions before the coffee group please contact:
Tom –
Let’s all “band” together for a cup of coffee!

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