How is everyone doing?

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Just checking in to see how everyone is healing/adjusting post-op? My two week "surgiversay" is tomorrow, and I'm finally starting to feel like I can move around more freely. I suffered a minor setback on July 4th when (in the moment) I completely forgot about the surgery and tried lifting my 50lb son up to see fireworks. OWWW!! Turns out no hernia, but popped some stitches.

How is eating? I'm shocked at how much my "head hunger" is still present. It's something I'm working on, and religiously tracking on myfitnesspal. Got sick for the first time yesterday after trying a half slice of wheat bread with peanut butter. Not as bad as I thought it would be. I'm getting sick of Greek yogurt & sweet protein drinks. Unjury cheese, turkey lunch meat, and string cheese have saved me the past couple of days!

I hope everyone is progressing well. Any tips on when to incorporate exercise or other yummy soft foods? Thanks!

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Your diet should be determined by your doctor. I began eating soft foods at my two week surgiversary but I had guidance at my first follow up appointment. You should be able to walk now and the more you walk the better you will feel. Make sure to keep your fluids and proteins up.

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Surgery doesn't fix your head so while we are restricted in how much we can eat, doesn't mean you will never feel the urge to eat even though you are not hungry.  So there is always that battle, unfortunately.  The mental aspect of it all is the hardest part.


You should/can be walking at this point, as much as you feel comfortable doing.  They should have given you your lifting and exercise restriction so kind of need to go by that.  Mine was nothing over 20lbs for 6 weeks and thus no strenuous (running/weights) or swimming during that time.   It takes 6-8 weeks for the sleeve to heal, is why restrictions like that are in. 


My plan likely sounds different then yours, but here were the guidelines I was given in regards to foods:


Week 0-2 liquids:  protein shakes, broth, jello, SF popsciles, any other SF/no-caffeine drink 


Week 2-4 pureeds:  baby food (lol, does anyone really do that?), yogurt (no fruit pieces), pureed meat, cottage cheese, SF pudding, cream of wheat/oatmeal (needs to be runny consistancy), pureed veggies/fruit (no skin/seeds), strained soups, beans 


Week 4-8 soft:  eggs, chicken/tuna salad, moist tender meats (like chicken), baked fish, crisp toast (not bread, crispy crisp toast), crackers, potato, canned veggie/fruit, soft fruits (no skin), cheese, peanut butter 


Week 8-forever regular:  Free to eat whatever you want though advised to heavily limit pasta, bread, rice or other such starchy foods, high fat or sugary foods.  Be cautious of tough, dry meats, nuts, fiberous fruit/veggie like pineapple or celery (some people have issues with those 'cautioned' things)


Quantity kind of follows the week you are on:

0-2 weeks =  0-2 ounces

2-4 weeks = 2-4 ounces

4-6 weeks = 4-6 ounces

6-8 weeks and forever = 6-8 ounces

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Our dietician sounds pretty progressive comparatively. Clear liquids in the hospital, then days 3-13 the "mush" diet (purées). Although she said if we felt comfortable we could chew soft foods (very well). I'm on day 14 do now I can officially move onto soft foods.

The lifting restraints are what's killing me. We have 5.5 and 2 year old sons, so we hired a sitter to help for this week and next. It's easy to get used to! ☺️ Thankfully our 2 y/o is a peanut, so hopefully getting him in & out of his car seat, lifting from crib & changing table, etc. won't be too, too bad at week 3.5.

Exercise is tough, but I'm getting around 4,000 steps a day. Not cleared to go to the gym.

Just curious how the other June/early July post-ops are feeling. Any tips on staying upbeat & embracing our new lifestyle?

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