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How is everyone doing? We'll be hitting 4 months out this month!  Sometimes its hard to believe its already been 4 months, and other times its hard to believe it hasn't been longer. 


I almost always feel great these days.  The last few weeks I've been out of my routine (my sister is expecting her first, and I've been traveling a lot more than usual), which has resulted in inconsistent exercise and often creative thinking at meal times.  I typically start my day out with 8oz of water then greek yogurt with 15g of Special K cereal or fresh fruit.  And its crazy, but I almost always feel off on days that I don't get to start that way.  


I'm still not feeling "hungry" - but I feel empty, if that makes sense.  Usually this just means I haven't been drinking like I should.  Its a really strange thing to not feel "hungry" like I used to.  My relationship with food is ever changing.  


As of this morning I am down 85lbs from my highest in October 2013 and 63lbs since my WLS!   :D Its unreal and so hard to even comprehend.  Thats so much weight....gone!  Its also nearly half way to my goal, which I also can't believe.  


I think my favorite thing post surgery is that I go to a lot of sporting events and concerts and I have soooooo much room in my seat!  Its awesome!  I don't feel like I'm on top of the people next to me.  So cool  :P


I hope you all are doing well!



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