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I had a wonderful team do my band. Also the nurses on the ward were excellent. So this is not a complaint. But, the staff had no idea about post surgery diet.  Had I not read about it myself and had the pre-op NUT appointment I would have been in a whole lot of pain. I woke up from surgery (was given a partial fill in surgery too) to a bowl of weetbix, 600ml water, 1c of custard, 1 cup of chocolate milk, 2 apple purees 200ml, 2 x 175g yogurts with honey, 1 c of milk, a coffee, 250g of sustagen and a nurse who told me to eat up because I had been fasting!


I told her politely that there was no way my NUT had allowed this.  So she went and looked it up, then removed the weetbix. She told me to eat up again! I need my liquids. I was rather woozy at the time and did very quickly eat the custard, thought I was having a heart attack.  I was so gripped with pain in my chest I could barely breath.  After that I remembered that I read somewhere here TT to take a sip every ten minutes. That's what I did and I have been fine since and building up the amounts slowly. 


The poor woman in the next room, had no idea what was going on, ate as the nurses told her and was vomiting all night to 'get her liquids in'! (NB: We all have a IV drip)


The nurse gave me the paperwork the nut gave the hospital and will be taking it to her in a couple of weeks. She has only ticked a box saying liquids.  No amounts or sipping recommendations mentioned.  I will bring it to her attention.


I just thought I would mention it so if anyone is heading into hospital for the band, make sure you know exactly what you are allowed to have in that first 24 hours and how to have it. It may save you a lot of unnecessary pain and discomfort.

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You had to stay overnight after your surgery?


Here, I had the surgery at 8am, and was home and in my own bed by 1!




Yes as it was an afternoon op. If I had it in the morning I would have been home that night :)

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When I saw the topic my first reaction was "What?". I had the sleeve and all we got was some juice and water 24 hours after the surgery! Good luck with your band! Jen

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I spoke to the NUT yesterday and she was pretty shocked too! I think she will have a word with them.

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