Gerd Surgery by a thoracic surgeon?

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I had a revision because I developed achalasia due to the band and if the band was filled at all I would wake up chocking on stomach acid. Since my revision I have woken up at 4am sharp every morning coughing with stomach acid in my throat. My doctor said if the acid doesn't improve I am probably going to have to have some sort of GERD surgery but with a thoracic surgeon because of the procedures I have already had. Has anyone else had to have a thoracic surgeon do Gerd surgery on them? To the best of my knowledge the surgeon goes in and wraps the top part of the stomach around the lower part of the esophagus and sews it in place. The thought of this scares me. I only have a pouch - do they use my old stomach? This is a mess but I cannot wake up chocking on acid every morning!

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