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I've just read an article about a woman's lapband being placed at the bottom of the oesophagus instead of the top of the stomach. She hadn't lost much weight and couldn't understand it, didn't feel much restriction, just a feeling of food getting stuck in her throat, which went after a while. 

This has worried me a bit because this is what I feel. What does the feeling of restriction feel like to you? .I don't seem to feel full when eating, just some mouthfuls if not chewed enough will hurt in what feels like the bottom of my throat.  

Also, and this will sound really weird, does anyone notice a squelchy noise coming from their port site? Lol, it doesn't hurt at all, but even when breathing in and out I hear this noise and I don't understand it!  I asked my nurse about once at a fill, and she said she'd never heard of anything like it before.  Now I feel to silly to mention it again so I'm asking you guys instead!  


Thanks for listening.


Pam :)

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you need to get in touch with your surgeon

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Hi Pam


 I never feel like anything is caught in my throat but I do feel it in my esophagus if I over eat. At that point I feel like I immediately need to vomit to remover it. Sorry, a little graphic I know!! I have never heard any noises from my port site either but I do not think you are crazy for asking! Obviously you hear it! I would ask for the Dr  to do an upper GI so they can see where the band is placed and how the fluid goes down. I just had one done...its very simple.

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