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Glad you figured out an answer to your constipation problem. Don't be surprised if after some time the Fiber One doesn't work and you have to find a new cure. It does seem to get better as you advance the diet and can get more fruits and vegetables. My daughter is an ER nurse, so I am familiar with the procedure and want to avoid going to the ER. I have been trying to make sure I don't go more than two days without pooping. My family doctor recently suggested Miralax and I am tolerating it well. My daughter told me to drink extra water on any day I take Miralax, at least another 16 ounces above what I normally drink. So far, so good. Glad you have broken through your stall! Jen

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Hi everybody. Since March 10 th I am a proud owner of a little pouch. Now I will have to learn to live with it. Gabriella

Hallo, my Dear Friends!   I think I am getting better. Yesterday it was still a difficult job to get off my bed, this morning it was a little easier.   I am sipping my water, and my whey drink. I

Walk walk walk. Sip sip sip. Put one ounce in every 15 minutes. Sugar free Popsicles are good at this stage.

Posted Images

I used Fiber One for 20 years. Still eat it once in awhile. Smooth Move tea is my current go-to. (So to speak)

Staying well hydrated is definitely helpful and I'll use the extra strength mom if I don't go for three or four days.

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I have really struggled with this too - and still do (4.5 mo out). I have tried fiber supplements, eating more fiber/veggies, teas, stool softener (colace), herbal cleanses, etc. The best thing I've found is Miralax. I take one serving every day (usually mix it with some crystal light or something). If I miss it, I know - I don't feel well, and I also stop losing weight! It's the easiest thing I've found and I have had zero negative side effects. Until you're eating enough veggies (which won't be for a long time!) you probably need to find something that works and use it every single day. Do not stop when you start to go...it won't last! seriously, Miralax, every day.

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I will chime in here, since I have a lot of expertise on this topic (unfortunately).  I have been in the ER four times related to constipation, it really stinks and is quite painful.


I just saw a gastro specialist this past Friday because it got so bad.  I am now on prescription Linzess for chronic constipation.  I need to give it at least a week to see results, but I can tell you in the last few days I am feeling so much better - less bloating and more normal bowel movements.


I have tried everything - fiber gummies, miralax, MOM, smooth move (3x a day), an enema every night...nothing worked.


It's worth a try if it's that bad.

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Hi Jen.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately your prediction came through the very next day.

I wrote that on monday night.


 Tuesday I had my Fiber One, than Lactoluse the prescription drug

that the ER Dr. prescribed, I took this 2x, I took the  stoolsoftener Colace 4x

I ate 6-8 fiber gummies, at night I took the Milk of Magnesia....No results.


This morning, I had the Fiber One, 2 ozs. of prune juice, home made Chicken soup with vegetables,

Smooth Move Tea,.... Finaly it happened.


Thanks Tom! I am trying to drink as much as my pouch will allow me. The water bottle is always with me.


Hi Evergreen! It was very kind of you to answer my plea for help. Tonight I will take the Miralex, and I will take it for several days. I hope it will keep on working. It seems everything stops working after 3 days.


Thanks GAviv! I wrote down the name of Linzess, if this Miralex stops working I will call my PCP to call it in for me at the drugstore.


I did not get this surgery done to me, to get this constant constipation.

Life seems very unplesant at this time.


Thanks for all your replies

Good night every one.


Edited by Gabriella Hegyi
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Hallo my dear Friends!

It is so nice to have you. Wonderful that you are willing to share your journey. I learn something every day.

The Miralax seems to work thank God, all of you who suggested it. Since I am afraid of constipation,

I make 2 portions daily, 20 ozs of water, 1 portion of Miralax, and some Mio.

beside this I have an other 2o ozs of water, a big cup of coffe in the morning, and an other big cup

of tea at night. So I drink enought of water.


This morning I went down to the garden to admire my daughter's  roses and the other flowers and to drink

my morning  Premier Protein ( 30 gr. of protein). I thanked God for creating all this beautiful flowers,

and all the birds that come to my feaders. I also have 4 humming bird feeders hanging to feed all my

humming birds tha return every year. Come April 9th and they are ready to take possession of their territory.


I bought a blue bird house and my husband put it up facing East, as the instructions said.

Theblue birds took possession of it. The mama bird carried all the little sticks and built the nest, and the papa

bird stood guard. when the Mama bird arrived with all the stuff in her beak, he went to to house and looked in

to see it everything was OK. then the mama bird squeezed in the hole with all the sticks and worked on the

nest. It was a pleasure to wach them work. Unfortunatelly my husband got curious and when the were away

he sneaked up to the house opened the door and looked in.  He found a beautifuly  made nest. Closed the

dood and went away. the blue birds came back, and decided to abandone the nest. What a pity! My daughter

feels sad and depressed when sees the result of her Father curiosity. A week later she  decided to look in there also and the nest had one little egg in it, she almost cried.


Since this journey is not just about loosing the extra weight, but also getting healthy I make it my business to

attend the exercise classes. I think my legs are getting stronger. A month ago it was almost impossible for me

to go down to the garden. The house is built in a slope. From the street it looks like a one level house

but from the back it is 2 levels, after that, we have to climb down on the steps to go from level to level of

the garden. The roses are in the back of the garden.  My chair is on the grassy area, from there I can see

the roses, and the rest of the flowers.


So today it was the arthritis class, tomorrow I will go to the wather aerobic class. Each is one hour long.

so I get at least 5 hours a week. Since I am so old, it takes a lot of work to make this old body function somewhat normally.


I also have to work on my mind. So I decided to reread the New Testament in Spanish ( I started to learn Spanish when I was 62 years old) I listen to it through the tape and follow along by reading it also.


It is tough to be this old, but I don't give in easyly.


The good Lord bless you all, have a reastful night.


Edited by Gabriella Hegyi
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Bless you Gabriella. We are here for you. I see you have lost more weight. Way to go! Good job!

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Go Gabriella! You are an inspiration! So blessed to read how you are enjoying life and seeing all the beauty. Thanks for sharing your wisdom! Jen

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I was told by my program that the age cutoff was 65, I guess all programs really are different.

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You are an inspiration to us all Gabriella....thank you so much for sharing your journey with us!  You truly are taking time to smell the roses!  Lots of Hugs!!!!

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You are not old.

My program does not have an upper age limit. Everyone regardless of age is considered individually.

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Hallo my dear Friends!

Today was a bussy day. I went to do my water aerobic class, than to Walmart to do some shopping, and to have my

hair cut. After that I made a hungarian dish, (sauteed onions, green peppers, tomatoes, added beef meat cut in

cubes, when it got soft I washed out most of the sour-salty liquid from the sour-kraut and add it to the meat and

cooked it  until it got real soft, my husband puts sour cream on it on his plate)


Yesterday I went to Sam's to buy some Premier Protein, I drink these for breakfast.

As I was walking around I saw that meat, and my pouch said...Oh, can I have that with sour-krout?

And I said, sure, my little pouch. So today I made it.  It tasted real good. Of course I can eat just less than a cup of it now

not the big plate I used to eat of it.


Have a pleasant evening, and the Lord bless you all.


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Hallo my dear Friends!

Yesterday I went to see my Surgeon, for the 3 months check up.

I was told that I can eat what ever I want, 1 cup of a time.


Insted of being happy, I feel confused and worried. (they did give me a sample menue)

I feel like I am back to my old dieting life. My life long fight.

I won't even think of eating starchy things, like bread, grains, pasta. I have not eaten these things for years.

I have diabetes, which did not disappeared as I was told that it would after the WLS.


I am trying to make up a simple weekly schedule of what to eat.

Every sample schedule given to me seems soo complicated.

I don't feel like spending the whole day in the kitchen.

My husband cooks for himself, because he likes the hungarian way of cooking,

lots of salt and other spices and fat.

So he does not like my cooking. I have been eating lots of vegetables, little meat, little salt, always.

So if I cook something simple, he won't help me eat it.

So now it will take me for ever to finish what I cooked.

Somehow I will have to learn to cook little portions.


My other worry is really crazy! What will happen when I get to my goal weight?

No more fighting of fat! And I am so used to that fight. That is what I was doing all my life.

I feel like that solder (in an old movie) that came home from the battlefield, and couldn't

find his way  back into the civilian life.

How do you live life as a skinny person?


So today I had my old trusted friend "Premier Protein" for breakfast.(6 AM)

Than at 10 Am, before I went to my excercise class I had an egg.

I came home around 12.30 and around 2 PM I had some vegetables and a 1/2 cup of beans.

For supper I had some shrimps and vegetables at  6.30 PM.

Before my late night pain pills, (10-11 PM) I toasted an Ezekiel bread

(80 calories, which I bought yesterday in a health food store)

and a thin slice of turkey ham. Because without some food, my stomach burns.


So here I go, trying to face up to the rest of my life.

Good night every one, may the good Lord beless you all.


Edited by Gabriella Hegyi
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Hello Gaby! 


I have been surprised at my responses to some things too. Being told to eat whatever you want would be scary to me too. Since I had a bypass, I will blessedly never be given this instruction. So, what you put in your pouch is still up to you, but you can't do as much damage any more if you stray into previous bad habits. It seems like your choices are just fine though, so I'm not sure why you are worried? Yes, you have to get used to choosing to not eat like your husband. ( I have teenage boys, so that's a given for me;) But we will adjust. If I don't want to eat all of something because it takes me days, I just throw it away. I know, that is easier said than done. However, I keep telling myself I paid for the enjoyment and nutrition of that food. Once I've had my fill of it, I've gotten that. I do NOT have to 'finish my plate'. That logic got me unhealthy and unhappy and I WILL learn to throw food out! We have to. Just keep telling yourself that and I'm sure it will become a habit over time. At least I hope so:)


And try not to be disappointed that your diabetes is still here. Maybe your surgeon made that remark before he decided on a sleeve instead of a bypass for you? I know bypass patients have great success both short and long term with diabetes. It is what swayed me from a sleeve. Maybe someone else can pipe in on that, but it may take you awhile. I don't think it means it won't go away though. You may just have to get your weight down some more. No matter what, every pound gone is you on your way to improved health.


So, how do we live life as skinny people? I remember it. You are not embarrassed to wear sleeveless tops when it is hot and go in public. When you hear of an event that requires clothes you don't have, you don't break into a sweat at the thought of shopping for them. Neither do you immediately begin making excuses not to go. The focus remains on the people you will see and the fun that is there for enjoying, like it is supposed to be. Moving around is easier. You have less pain. Your focus shifts to what you WANT to do instead of what you think you CAN do, or who might see you doing it. You are genuinely happy to run into people you haven't seen in awhile without the distraction of self-obsessing over your own, hated self-image. You know what I mean. You're walking in a store and someone calls your name. Before you even see who it is, you feel yourself trying to shrink away so they cannot see you because you are so miserable with your appearance.  You have more energy and the ability to think about other people more. It will just happen, Gaby. One day, you will just realize that your thoughts are different now. There is an indescribable freedom to not have the constant mental and physical burden of being overweight. I remember it. I am feeling a lot of it again and it is worth every single second of what you are going through. Do not doubt it. I just want to get over the first time everyone sees me now. I don't want to hear that I look great or have the weight loss conversation. I just want to see how they are. I just want to be me again. Not the girl who got so fat. Not the girl who is getting skinny. Just me. And one day we will be those girls again. Or for the first time. And it will be amazing:)

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Hi, Rebecca!

Thank you for your answer. I will reread it many times over. It will be very helpful for me.

You see there were not too many times in my life when I was slim. Once when I was in my 20s I decided

not to eat supper. I was working at night, and I did not have anything after 4 Pm until 6 AM.

My weight went down to 136 lbs from the 175 that I was in those years. But I got pregnant

and after that the weight stayed around 175-185 lbs,

So for me to "remember" is not that easy. But your letter will be very helpful for me.

Thanks again


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Once you get to goal you take it day by day. One meal at a time. I eat a lot of chicken so I'm pretty boring. I like chicken fajitas, so I often turn my leftover chicken in to that. My husband eats pretty much the same veggies as I do so I just have a spoonful and he eats the rest. Is it possible to portion your leftovers into small cups and freeze it so all you have to do is pull it out? When my husband is traveling for business I by a rotisserie chicken at the store and it lasts me quiet a while for both lunch and supper, sometimes I grill up some onions and peppers for it. I like chicken and salsa too. I no longer live to eat I eat to live. It had been so many years since I was "skinny" that I had no clue what to wear in the cold (I wore tshirts year around). I now enjoy shopping. I enjoy working in the garden and not being sore. I enjoy the compliments my husband gives me all the time now. I enjoy having room on my lap for my grandchildren. These are my victories:)

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Hi, I am totally amazed, you lost 128 lbs and Rebecca lost 51 lbs.

Since my surgery on 3-5-14 I lost 18 lbs. I went in  for the surgery at 199 lbs and now I am 181 lbs, for at least 2 weeks.

The weight just doesn't want to come off me. Since my 6 weeks check up (in 7 weeks) I lost 5 lbs.

It seems OK with my surgeon, but to me it seems pityfull.

I don't eat starch, sugar or fat. I excercise almost every day one hour and 20 minutes.

I eat a very high protein diet, with some vegetables. I drink constantly, water with Mio.

Well, even with this speed, I will be a little bit skinnier in a year.

Good night, Gabriella

Edited by Gabriella Hegyi
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Yes, you will Gaby. Hang in there:)


And I haven't lost all of that since surgery. I lost 20 before surgery. That would be miraculous! 

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Thanks Rebecca for ecouraging me.

This mornig it was 180.2, so it is moving ever so slowly.

I can hardly wait to see 179, or anything in the 170s.

Thanks again.


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I lost 6 before surgery. Before surgery no matter what I did I couldn't get it off. Now I battle the head game everyday! 34 pounds in 3 months averages out to 11 pounds a month. When was the last time you did that? Some peoples surgeons don't want them losing more than 10 pounds a month, so you are doing great. Just remember, you didn't put it on overnight it isn't going to come off overnight:) Keep up the hard work:)

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Thanks Cheesehead.

Unfortunately I lost only l9 lbs after the surgery in 3 months. The rest I lost before the surgery.

I just have to learn patience! Dear Lord, give me patience, now!

I was trying to put a smiley after my "prayer" but I don't know how to do it.


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to add a smiley you should see a smiley face above where you type your message, click that, then choose the smiley and it will appear beside your word.  **or** you can manually type one by putting a the colon and ) beside each other with no spaces.  So like : ) but without the space between them.  


I'm glad you are doing better, the weight will continue to come off I'm sure.  

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My dear Friends!

Last week I made the stupid mistake ot eating Unsalted Peanuts.

By Saturday my abdomen started to hurt real bad. But I thought, I will just ride this out this time.

I had the same problem several times before. Once back in NJ I ended up in the hospital for a week.

All I had  for that week, was the IV bottle with what ever they put in it.

Than a couple years ago here in Arkansas I had to go to the ER because of the same thing.

That time they just prescribed the antibiotic and the pain pills.

Than last year, the same medictions.

Now you would think that a 78 year old woman would have enought brain, not to do the same thing

and expect a different result. But not me. I saw the peanuts, and my brain just turned off.

I had a half of a cup.

So by yesterday, Wednesday when I tried to do my water aerobic class, a realized, that this time

again, I will need medical advise.

I got out of the pool and went to see my PCP. He made me call my

husband to come and drive my to the hospital. So my daughter, Gloria drove him to the Clinick and

than we went to the ER.

The other mistake, I did not get myself any food for supper.

I went to see the PCP at 3 PM, we got to the ER by 4 PM, they made us wait until 7.30 because they

just did not have an available room for me.

I was trying to talk them into ordering for me some protein, because I was very dizzy by that time

but they told me that they can not order adnything. They gave me 2 crackers and some peanut butter.

When finally they had a room for me, they took blood from me, put me on IV to give me antibiotic and pain medication.

Than I was pushed to the room where they had the CT scan machine. After that we had to wait for the result

for an hour, than an other blood test. I was released around midnight.

So today I am taking my medications, and trying to avoid sudden movements, because that causes

the sensation of being stubbed by a knife in the abdomen.

Oh well, there is always something. I hope this pain will go away, and also that I will remember 

not to eat nuts and seeds ever again. 

Before my WL surgery, Dr Roller offered to cut out that part of my intestin that catches these

things, but I refused it. Now I don't know, maybe that is something to consider.

Good night to all of you and my the Good Lord bless you.


Edited by Gabriella Hegyi
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