I'm Filing an External Review, should I hire Lindstrom Obesity Advocacy?

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I highly recommend using them. They know just what to do, are wonderful to deal with and got me approved. 

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I would defenetly contact them.  Kelly is amazing.  I contacted them after all my appeal were exhausted and the final was the external review.  By the time they got my denial letters and medical record showing a  years of hypertension and a Dilated cardiomyopathy, Kelly called me and was like "Are you kidding.  you are getting approved."  3 days later, she sent me what I call the " Rebutal letter"  and  " BAM"  5 days later I was approved.   I would highly recommended.  Im thinking about using their services to appeal  my reconstructive surgery.  after all, Insurance cover the "Apron" removal.    Here is their information.  I wish you the BEST.   CAN'T WISH YOU LUCK.  As luck if for the unprepared, and you are preparing for this.  Go for it.  

Kelley Brown Lindstrom



601-C East Palomar Street, #480

Chula Vista, CA  91911


Tel:  619-656-5251

Fax:  888-992-1188


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