6 days post-op legs are killing me!

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So I’m 6 days post-op down 37lbs and I feel good, still having a little of buyer’s remorse as I sit and witness the rest of my family eat the delicious food prepared for the Holidays. I can’t seem to get much down without the pain in my chest which I’m not even sure what it is. But it’s painful.

Other than not being able to find a comfortable position to sleep in I have pain in my legs, I can even touch them because of the pain. Anyone else experience this?

Also what is a good “mushy” food to start on? I’m scared as I had a nightmare that I ate bread and it got stuck and I panicked.. lol

How much protein am I suppose consume on a daily? I can barely drink water abs I feel like I need to chug it I'm so thirsty.

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I could not eat bread with my band. I loved mashed potatoes. I had pain in the tops of my legs after my lap band removal to the bypass. It was like mice trying to get out from under my skin. I would talk to your PCP about it to be sure. Your nutrituionalist or bariatric surgerion should have given you a list of foods to eat and protein intake requirements. I have noticed on here that each doc seems to be different. Try going to http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/2007/08/pureed-foods.html for suggestions.

Other foods



Cottage cheese

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Call your doctor's office ASAP about the pain in your legs. There is always a risk of blood clots after surgery!


Weren't you given a binder or packet full of information regarding your food and fluid requirements and suggested foods by stage after surgery? Those are the guidelines your surgeon wants you to follow.


Normally, the targets are 60g of protein per day and 64 ounces of fluids (including protein shakes, up to 1/2 of quota), but your program may differ.


Don't worry about bread--you won't be eating that anytime soon. Just stick with your doctor's program.

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