Day one Post Op and headed home

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Surgery was yesterday and it went really well. My pain is minimal today, I'm able to get some water and broth into me easily. The doc wrote up my discharge papers this morning. 


I still have a drain in-I'm not sure how and when that will come out. 


I'm excited to go home, but feeling really nervous about being on my own. I feel really unprepared. 

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You're not on your own! You have us and all the other members on this board to help you through this. You can send me a private message any time you like - I'm a great listener and will do my best to help you.


The thing that I've noticed about this forum is that no matter how many times the same questions come up for us newbies, the "veterans" are always kind, informative, and helpful when they respond.  Don't be nervous about being home without the doctors and nurses - you have a wealth of people here that will help you. 


Hope you continue to feel well and pain free! 

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So glad to hear you are doing well!  Don't be nervous about going home - you'll learn as you go and this group will help you every step of the way.

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