Too much scar tissue to do revision?

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My Story --- I was 41 years old and had gained so much weight from 1999-2010 that I decided I needed more help than just weight watchers for several being my super slow metabolism - I  had the lap band in 2011 -- never found that sweet spot - sometimes i was able to eat soup and a few small bites of other foods and sometimes I could not even keep water down -- i was pricked in the port of my abdomen like a pin in a pin cushion, just WAY TOO MANY times!!!   - it slipped in 2013 and my doctor said that it's ok - lots of people can live with a slipped band --- not cool !!!  in 2015 i finally went to another bariatric surgeon and he said that the tissue in the stomach could be necrotic and is absolutely not ok to live with a slipped band.   He took the band out and he took my gallbladder as well --- I was very unhealthy and pretty much always dehydrated but i had lost about 60 pounds prior to LB removal --- gained 55 pounds back in one year.  And i didn't gain that 50 pounds by eating anything I wanted, I was watching and logging and exercising but my body had starved for so long, it was not willing to give up any weight....I just kept gaining.  I work in a position that puts me in the public and i found that I no longer wanted to do that, didn't want to go out anymore or take pics and my depression was real.   Finally in June 2016 (almost a year after the removal of the LB) I decided that I want to go with the  sleeve. I'm scheduled for November 17th (2016) and I'm thrilled but scared.  I've had multiple surgeries on my abdomen and the scar tissue is no joke --- I know that most people have issues with lap band removal and VSG on the same day but by the time I have surgery in november, i will be 15 months out from the removal surgery ----- Does anyone know what will happen if there is too much scar tissue?  Do they cut that out ? I know this is a question for the doc and a question that even he may not be able to answer until he goes in laproscopicly  and is a bypass something he may do if the sleeve isn't an option (bypass is something I'm really afraid of) ---- but anyone having similar stories, please share....   This is my main concern at this time.   I'm also afraid of failing again - or is it that the band failed ME....?     

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