Gastric Band with Plication?

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Initially I went into my surgeon's office wanting a RNY. After, a brief overview of my history he said that wasn't something he would do. He recommended gastric banding with plication( folding my stomach much like a VSG) to me. I heard band and froze. I have heard so many horror stories about bands that I walked out of that appointment discouraged and unhappy. I have relaxed a bit and continued researching and it seems people love them or hate them, with little wiggle room. I guess the questions I have are these:


1 How long does a band last before having to be replaced?


2. Did you lose the weight faster with the plication ( more than an ave. bander)?


3. How uncomfortable are refills?


4. What side effects, if any, are commonly experienced?


I know these questions probely sound rudimentary but I feel like I'm starting all over again, research wise. Thanks for any help!!! 

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1. They aren't sure, some think as many as 20 years before replacement. But think... Even artificial joints are only good 10 years.

2. I'm thinking you might. Sleeve patients do tend to lose faster( I have a friend that dropped 200 in a year) but I'm pretty happy with my progress just banded this far. (42 lbs)

3. Fills aren't bad at all! My port is deeper than my husbands, so they give me a little shot to deaden... And I feel nothing. He describes his as just pressure.

4. Side effects- none really as long as i follow the rules. I still have days I don't chew enough or don't wait the full minute in between bites... And it lets me know. But other than that I feel great! I'm working longer hours and still having the energy to work out!

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Hey Shelly, the side effects of the band are erosion, hernia, dysphasia and GERD. For me it became a matter of time before disaster. I had to have the band out after 4 years. If you get the band, please keep regular visits with your doctor. I don't know about pliation, but if it's similar to the sleeve, then why not the sleeve? The fills? My port shifted and turned over time, but at that point I was not in the frame of mind for more fill. My food was basically backing up into my esophagus and that is what caused the hernia. In the end I was limited to soupy things or ice cream. It was not pleasant. Complications develop over time.


The longveity of the band is really unknown, as there has not been decades of data to review.  The thought is that it's like anything else uses in the body, like dental fillings, crowns, artifical heart valves,  actually no reason to believe that it needs to be "changed" after 50,000 miles, it's there until there is an indication to take it out.     The bypass has more than 50 years of data and it's the one that is most successful. 


Do what you think is best for you.

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May I ask why he didn't think you were a good candidate for the RNY? Or, if you're not comfortable sharing, maybe just getting a second opinion from another surgeon? Just a thought! 

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