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Survived 1st longer trip in hotels

✿ Paula ✿

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I survived a 1 1/2 week on vacation. Went to my son's Basic Training Graduation in hot Texas. Brought a cooler with my "safe foods"

We still ate out everyday. Fortunately much was Mexican food. Always ordered double beans and no rice on my plate. Often a chicken or beef enchilada and just ate the innards. Everything I ate sat beautifully.

While driving we would stop at a grocery store for lunch and get a piece of chicken from the deli and a piece of fruit. Sure is cheaper to eat that way!

Breakfast often was a Quest protein bar.

I didn't eat enough of my greek yogurt or use my miralax .

I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS had a slow digestive system with gastroparesis. But traveling puts my bowels on hold!

I kept my vitamins in little jewelry plastic bags and did pretty darn good with that system. Grab a baggie and go for the day!

So good to be home and back on routine and clean eating!

Happy 2+ years out.


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Okay, a little victory bragging. Well maybe a lot, but this is a "safe zone" right? LOL

I stayed off the scale all week for fear of what it would show.

I felt bloated, swollen from the heat, and sitting in a car for so many hours.

As hard as I tried to make good menu choices , who really knows what is in the food at restaurants. I was preparing myself for a 15 lb. weight gain. Pretty stupid to think I could put on that much during a short vacation. Trust me my wheels have been turning.

I was certain it was going to be baaaaddd!

Well, if I gained I'll never know because my weight was just where I like it.

It feels so good to know my tool works and I know how to use it outside of my home and comfort zone.

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Beautiful family....oh wait ;)

Why thank you! My beautiful daughter is missing in this photo. She must have been behind the camera. I forsee in her future she will be in front of the camera more often!

Hummmm, she has the same name as you...


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You all look great! Especially you in your singlet top! You rock that colour!

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You all look great! Especially you in your singlet top! You rock that colour!

That actually means a lot to me. I wasn't brave enough to even where them when I was younger.

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