March Surgeries

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Hey There to All the March Surgeries who are NOW ON THE LOSER'S BENCH!


I was wondering how everyone is doing.  I have lost 47 lbs and sometimes feel very discouraged.  I eat as best I can and get my fluids each day.  My hair is starting to thin and it is noticable. 


I feel that I should have lost more by now but I keep on track.  Since June 19th I have only lost seven lbs so I would guess that is a stall.  I am walking atleast 5 times a week.


Anyone else care to update?



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Doing well here.  I had surgery 3/21 and am down 72 pounds since surgery (started at 323 dos).  Mostly things are fairly easy for me these days.  I don't get much exercise (BAD!), and so my muscles are being eaten up, but otherwise, I don't have a lot of food concerns these days as long as I stick to moderately soft meats and use sauces.  The only times I've been really sick have been my fault (eating too fast, too dense, etc. or not drinking enough water and getting constipated). 


Hope everyone else is doing well!

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