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Update with June people now that it is July


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So we all should have had our surgeries now that June is over, unless things were delayed.


I am in my 4th week post op, which for my surgen and NUT is my move into a modified normal diet.  So I am working on integrating different solid foods into my life.  I struggled in weeks 2-3 post op with feeling like I wanted to eat the house.  By the end of week 3 (the day after I say my NUT) suddenly I didn't feel like eating anymore!  It was a crazy difference.  So my calories were higher (700-800 per day) and now have dropped.


Also on a TMI note, I have not dealt with the "normal" constipation.  I have been dealing with diarrhea since I got home from the hospital.  My father who is 3 years pot-op from bypass had the same issues and continues to be on the looser end.  So I decided 2 days ago to try to go without lactose to see if that might be an issue.  I also wondered if I needed to give myself a longer "wait" time between liquids and starting to eat.  So I started adding time to that as of yesterday.  So I will see how that goes.


I am totally digging homemade Chili with beans (lots of beans), dried Edamame (soy beans).  I had been mixing in chicken with eggs (but I think I am taking a break from eggs for a few days).  I had some rotisserie chicken that was ok.  Tried some tuna (which I liked pre-op) and just found it disgusting!  


My surgen and NUT also want me exercising.   I had been walking and swimming, but the heat and humidity outside and constant rain here in NJ has lead me to unearth the elliptical and I have been trying for 30 minutes on that (though sometimes with low calories I just can't make it past 15 minutes).


How is everyone else doing?  What are you eating at home many weeks post op?

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