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just over 1 week post op and hungry


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Sounds like this is the opposite of most people.  I am a band converted to bypass, and I am not sure if that makes a difference.  Monday was 1 week post op and I got the ok to move from clear liquids to full liquids and I feel like I am just so hungry!  I am allowed to have cream soups, and sugar free fat free jello and I just want to keep eating it!  


I am not sure if this is because the swelling is going down, so since I am on liquids they are going through and when I get on more solid food then I will feel full?



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that hunger is head hunger. you want food because you haven't had any for awhile. you will be ok. just take your vitamins and protein shakes.

Don't push it. Your insides are healing and you don't want to hurt anything in there. I remember when I was at that stage I wanted solid food so bad. I chewed up a piece of ham and spit it out, just to taste something different. Did not dare swallow it, never. The soup you have will be good for you, hopefully when you get to soft pureed food, you will feel a lot better.  Hang in there the first 3 weeks are a pain in the @#$%

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