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any one try zeal for life wellness


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I had never heard of this until a co-worked told me about it. she has gastric bypass so she understands the whole need for protien and vitamens. she does the zeal for life stuff wellness, protein, burn and cleanse. Im not interested in all of it because it is pricy. but she keep raving about the wellness giving her energy and i thought hey I could use some energy.

I take a multi gummy vit, b12 iron and calcium every day or at least try to. we'll she gave me one of the grape you mix it with water . it is not the best tasting stuff but i was able to drink it and its not that much to drink.  wow i really do feel like im more alert have energy even a mood boost. Im going to make her give me a sample of the berry and then buy a month supply just to see if they really keep me going. But just wondered if any one use this and if they have positive results.

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I have taken the wellness and it's awesome! Makes you feel so much better.. I'm taking chewable vitamins right now and I know I felt better on the zeal wellness. I am having surgery this month and I plan on using it again next month

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