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Christmas Luncheon/3rd week post op help


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Our company is taking us to a Christmas Luncheon. I will officially be on my 3rd week post op. The day we are going is going to be the 1st day I can go to the mushie stage.

We are going to Salt grass steak house. I just looked at the menu and I AM SCARED!!!! Other than mash potatoes I think maybe tortilla soup would be okay minus the tortillas.

I wonder if I can tolerate the tortilla soup? Really nervous about that day. All of my co workers are very thin and eat like horses. I guess I am self consious that they will all be looking to see what I am eating. I hope all of this is just in my head. :(

Is a salad out? Any suggestions ?




Emotional mess :unsure:

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I wish I had some suggestions, but I will tell you I steamed broccoli and added it to some soup this week and it did not go well. So, not sure salad would either. Worst gas ever!! Do they do sweet potatoes? I know we are not quite to the stage of real food yet, but that might be better than white potatoes. I wonder if you could call the nutritionist at True Results. I've not heard from anyone there like I thought I would, but that might be an option for advice. Good luck and enjoy the party!

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I would definitely steer clear of the salad. It is really crunchy and definitely not a mushie. I think the mashed potatoes will be your best bet. You could also ask if they have apple sauce or something they put with the kids menus. If all else fails, try to bring something of your own that you KNOW you can eat. If you don't want to bring it into the restaurant, save it to eat when you leave or have it before you go. That way you won't be hungry and can just pick at the potatoes. I know that it is going to be extremely hard to resist all the yummy food but this early you will regret trying to move on to solids too soon. Good luck!

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