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June 2012 - 6 month update

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Hello lovely Junebugs!

How is everyone going as the 6 month mark approaches/arrives?

I did not even realise until midnight Saturday that is was my 6 month anniversary that day! It only dawned on me when I was on the phone with my mum back home in Australia and she asked me how it was all going :P

So much has changed....I am down to 160lbs (73kgs) - 99 freakin pounds from my highest weight of 259...and 82lbs down from my DOS weight. It all seemed to go so slow....but that is an average of almost 14lbs (6kg) a month for 6 solid months....ah-mazing!

The Good (Great actually)

My health has improved - a complete 180 degree turnaround - I can run, in fact I ran a 10K on the 24th November (see pic 2) in rain and near freezing temps and LOVED IT. Not because I am good at it (I am not....I came in the last 50 out of almost 5000! :rolleyes: ) but because I COULD. I hope I never lose the appreciation and gratitude I now have for the things my body can do.

My confidence is through the roof, but best of all I feel AT HOME in my own body now. In a way I don't remember ever feeling before. It feels light, but strong. It feels comfortable but fitted, like a really awesome pair of jeans that not only makes you look great, but feels great to wear! hahaha that is how my body feels to me now.

The Bad (or "meh" really...cos even the "bad" is not really bad!)

Yes - I have saggy, floppy skin on my arms (but then I always did....I have had huge fat upper arms since puberty, so it was not exactly a shock to me!) and my upper thighs and stomach could be tighter, but that is up to me now. My body has been up and down (stretched like an old rubber band) so often....I have gained and lost over 100lbs at least 6 times in my life. But I truly believe my skin condition this time around has been helped by the oodles of coconut oil I have slathered on myself since day 1. Can't recommend it enough girls....

The Ugly

Now the REAL stuff begins, and the challenges have already started to pop-up...my work has gone back to the super busy craziness it used to be, and I am working between 12-20 hours per day most 5-6 days a week and kinda crashed out sleeping on the other days. The exact same conditions that lead to me gaining so much weight previously.

The old enemies of lack of time, forgetting to eat during the day and needing something quick and easy (and full of carbs/sugar/fat) in the evening as a shot of "energy" is back. I had a wake up call last week when I ordered a chocolate muffin for lunch because I was exhausted from working 40 of the last 48 hrs and not hardly eating anything....rationally I knew it was going to wreak havoc with my stomach (dump city), and it would make me feel like crap for the rest of the afternoon at work....but I did it, the drive for sugar completely shut my my rational brain out of the discussion.

It was sh!t. I felt like sh!t. It was 400 wasted calories and a sh!tty stomach ache and sugar headache full of regret and stupidity for the rest of the day. But it was a short sharp reminder that I need to be more vigilant and look out for these old triggers...my internal plumbing may have changed but NOT the external drivers that led to a baaaad situation that I refuse to ever return to. I regretted it for days afterward, but in a way I am glad it happened and that I had the chance to wake up to my behaviour immediately and not months down the wrong track. My stomach can handle pretty much anything except full on sugar, so I need to ensure that I am measuring, weighing and counting (which I do 98% of the time), getting my water, protein and letting the rest take care of itself.

Not far to go

As at the 6 month mark I am 10lbs (5kg) from my personal goal of 150lbs/68kgs. But I am not stressed about when I get there. It is in my hands and I know what to do. I am STILL overweight in terms of my BMI (25.26) but am surprised by how slim I am in terms of clothing sizes...so I think it has been a case of losing inches recently rather than pounds.

For the first time ever I am sharing my BEFORE and AFTER pictures (eek! :eek: )

What a difference 6 months makes......

BEFORE picture was taken the night before surgery (31st May 2012)

AFTER pictures were taken beginning of November (5 month mark) except for photo with medal, that was a week ago (5 mths 3 weeks from surgery)

So how is everyone else doing? I'd love to hear from you "losers"! hehehe :D



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OMG LADY!!! Thanks for the reminder!!! lol. I am 6 MONTHS OUT TODAYYY!!!! YAYYYYYYY!!! and YOU LOOK AMAZZZIINNNGGG!

I am weighing myself tonight at my weekly weigh in. I am hoping to be down to 175 :) I have a goal of 150 lbs by February/Marchish...

I have yet to find a good before pic.. I think I erased them all because I am sooo ashamed of them!

As far as foods, I am eating around 850 calories a day max (some days a little more but most days less). I had a relaspe and ate 4 bites of a fried pork chop and about died!! I am getting in about 80 grams of protein on a bad day and up to 90 on a good day. I keep track on My Fitness Pal :)

My hair... getting brittle and still have a little falling out... but it is growing :)

My body... another story.. I have sooo much access skin on my belly and abdomen.. hate it.. Hoping to get a tummy tuck 3 yrs down the road after another possible baby :)

RNY was the best decision I have ever made!! I feel great and look great!

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Thanks so much ladies!!! Sorry I have been away so long and missed your replies, been travelling in Iceland and Norway for a month....amazing what I can do physically and emotionally (i.e. not hating on myself or terrified/too depressed to be seen out of doors) now that the weight has gone

Trish - I have seen your latest pics and you are SMOKING HOT! Working that blue dress babe wwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooowwwwww!!! :D

BTW I just noticed last week a huge amount of baby hairs around 0.5-1 inch long all over my head so I think I have turned the corner with the hair loss, yippee!! I was so excited I couldn't stop looking at 'em all day - I am so proud of my baby hairs! ;)

WeightAndSeeTheNewMe - thank you! you're lovely!!! MWWAAHHH!! :D

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You look fantastic and done such a wonderful job! I'm doing pretty well, have had some intermittent abdominal pain but tests didn't show anything wrong, which was good, but it's still a mystery. I'm happy with the weight loss so far, have about 35lbs to go yet.

The saggy skin is really bothering me, but I'm hoping some of it may tighten up a bit as time goes on. Life is super busy, which means it's all pretty much back to normal I guess... lol

My new goal is to be at 100lbs lost by my 50th birthday later this month! :)

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Technogal - wow that is an incredible goal and so, so close now! I am certain you will look INCREDIBLE for your 50th!!!

I have found the saggy skin does get better, the skin on my stomach used to be much MUCH worse, but it seems to all "settle" after a month or so at the same weight. It's like your skin needs a while to catch up with the body underneath and while we are all still losing so much and so quickly, your body can't take a chance to "settle in" to it's new size....my arms will not get much better but they are better than they used to be, and my thighs are also getting better as I run more, but I have to accept they will never be tight (and at age 40 I can't expect them to be!) :wacko:

I do seriously recommend 100% Coconut Oil if you can find it in a health food store near you. It is a fab moisturiser, really low cost and has made a big surface difference I think.

Glad to hear life is keeping you super busy!!! In case we don't see much of your around the forum in the next few weeks, have a wonderful, WONDERFUL birthday! :D xox

Daniels1 - hahaha still way too curvy to ever be a super model, but that is an amazing compliment, thank you!! ;)

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