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Preparing for surgery in December

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Hi, everyone!

I started my journey to WLS on July 31st of this year. I had to lose 33 pounds to make it safe. They scheduled me for December 11th assuming I can lose this last ten pounds by the 6th of December. I am currently using the Optifast WLS supplements as my sole nutrition to shed these last ten pounds.

It has been a difficult journey to the 23 I have lost already. I spent six weeks on Optifast, went on 1200 calorie where I lost very slowly despite following my plan closely, and just went back on Optifast last week in an effort to make my goal weight in time to have surgery. I am very nervous...hoping I can make it. My husband says I have "two five-pound bags of sugar" left to lose and I love that analogy because I have already lost almost five of those "bags of sugar" so far and two more should be a breeze! I do feel good, though, because I fit in some clothes I did not before, and many of my pants are pretty baggy. I am resisting shopping until after surgery so I do not have to keep spending money on clothes although I hear that you lose quickly if you follow the plan after surgery so I will hopefully have many trips to the store for clothes. My final destination, after all weight has been lost, is the Mall of America because I will be able to keep up with my daughter, Jaymi (17) while she shops, I will finally fit into mall clothes for the first time in 18 years, and it has always been a dream of my husband's to go there for movie stores and movie memorabilia. We are going to start putting money away in January for the trip.

I started a blog on here, but did not keep it up, due to college (I am a psychology major, junior, at age 38), home schooling my daughter, and all of the things that my surgeon and bariatric center (Lutheran Hospital, Fort Wayne, IN, Dr. Sloan) requires. I have had to go to four classes with two more and a hospital orientation coming up soon, had to have every test known to man, and preparing for the stay afterwards because I live over an hour from the hospital they will not let me come home until I have been out of the hospital for two days so my hubby and I are going to stay in a nice hotel for two days after surgery. I am a little stressed though because my finals week is the week of my surgery so I have to have everything done beforehand so I am not in too bad of a state of flux.

I am going to be lurking around these boards for awhile trying to figure out more of what to expect.


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Welcome :)

I am an information junky. I research, research and research some more.

I wish this board (Nov 2012) was a little more active, I like to talk with others to keep my sanity.

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