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June 2012 folks - 3 month update?

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How are all of my fellow June 2012 post-ops doing? I'm happy to say that so far so good, I'll post a pre-op and 3 month pic soon.

I'm happy with everything to this point, have gone through my share of stalls already and got really sick with bronchitis recently, but otherwise I have no complaints.... weight loss is coming along, not as fast as I'd like but then I'm impatient! lol

Clothes are starting to fall off me so I've been haunting the local resale shops and have found some really cute stuff, can't wait for my feet to shrink a bit so I can get some new shoes too!

Depression has pretty much gone, am feeling pretty optimistic about the future and hope to start going to a gym soon too as I know I need to do some toning exercises.

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I've been working out like a crazy person since 8 weeks post op and am down 71 pounds. I am probably down as much if not more inches, butt I haven't measured lately. I feel lots better and am in clothes I haven't worn in about 5 years. I'm at a stall though. I've been at the same weight for 2 weeks, which is frustrating because I am 9 pounds from being in the 200's and have been here all this time. I came hoping others were having a 3 month stall too, but I'm finding that you aren't working out yet and have lost about the same as me. Lol I keep trying to tell myself this is muscle weight because I am a lot stronger. I expected to have loose skin at this point, here but I don't, which I'm thankful for.

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I am doing great :) eating is going well, weight loss is going well. I need to start hitting the gym more and plan to this week. My hair is falling out a bit which is freaking me out lol.

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Feeling fabulous here! Down 60lbs from surgery date (and 76lbs from my highest) :D Of course I wish it was faster, but don't we always? hahaha

My new tummy does exactly what it is meant to...kicks me in the butt if I have too much sugar/carbs, and suddenly craves healthy things and vegetables all the time! :blink: No problems in terms of complications at all.

I have been pretty inconsistent about exercise up until a month ago. I have now built up to where I can go running for 30 mins 4-5 x a week and I am loving it. That has been the best benefit so far, getting back my ability to walk, run and climb a set of stairs...priceless.

My hair also started falling out almost bang on the 3 month mark. It is not too bad, but I have a lot of hair so I can afford to lose some at the moment (that is a wee bit of bravado taking there - I will not be so calm if it is still going like this in another 3 months!!)

Congratulations to all of you lovely ladies....you have all done so well! Looking forward to our next progress check in :)

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