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Eating and not feeling full


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First of all, welcome @Sue Lewis to TTF!  We are here for you on your weight loss surgery journey.

Hunger pain after a gastric bypass surgery are not common, but do occur.  I am sorry that you have them - I have the opposite problem in that I can skip meals if I don't remember to eat.

Most importunely, the issues that you face in the first few months after surgery may not be long term issues.  For example, 7 weeks after my gastric bypass I become lactose intolerant, a (miserable) condition that lasted only a few weeks.

Hang in there.  Stay on your post-op diet.  We are here to support you.

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I would also add that focusing on eating protein first will help alleviate hunger.  For me, the type of food I eat matters much more than the quantity as related to feelings of hunger.  If i stick to the plan and ALWAYS focus on eating my proteins first, I fill up sooner and stay full longer than if I fall off the wagon and eat carbs.  

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