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Cinwa... and any others who deal with hypoglycemia

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Ok.. so twice in the past week, I have had my sugars drop low enough that I knew what was happening and was completely shaky/dizzy and panicky feeling... The first time, it dropped to 61 and the second (last night) it dropped to 55.

I know what did it both times.. but my question is this: How do your raise it without it spiking it and dealing with it crashing again?

Mine went up above 130 last night after 2 pb cracekrs and a few sips of sprite.

I'm guessing I need to go back to the doc to figure all this out (I'm getting too much spike high/low for my comfort level)

Also, how low is low enough that it needs to be addressed immediately? (as in ER visit)



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I use the glucose tablets you can get at walmart--2 of them then peanut butter-spoonful then retest again in 15 min. Then really watch what I eat after that. High protien/low carb(whole wheat) meals for the rest of the day. As far s going to the er I'm not sure-I go as low as 30's and don't go-that would depend on what your doc says. We all are different. I normally get mine back up and sleep if I can.

Good luck


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I have been dealing with this for awhile. My worst one was a few nights ago and I almost blacked out. I couldn't tell you what caused it this time. I have a glucose meter I was prescribed and I was at a 40. My husband was frantic and started stuffing a banana down me which helped. My doc always said drink milk when I got it soon after surgery so I did that too.

I had it happen once after eating a thin slice of cake and thought it would spike my sugar and not drop it. Needless to say cake and me don't mix thank goodness lol!

Good luck


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Preventing it from happening is your first goal.

I eat something every 2 to 2 1/2 hours. It might just be something small like some cheese and a piece of fruit, a few nuts or roasted edamame etc., or a glass of milk but for the most part, that's enough to keep my blood sugars in range.

It'll help to always carry something with you - nuts with a few raisins are my choice.

For emergencies, I use regular Lifesaver mints. Glucose tablets typically have 4g of sugars in them, Lifesavers have 3.5g so sucking on 3 or so will do the job of bringing up my levels.

Once I'm feeling a little better I get myself a snack or have a glass of milk. The American Diabeties Association recommend using milk over orange juice because the sugars are released more slowly and the effects last longer.

You must make an appointment with your doc babe - a diabetic nutritionist can you to find ways of dealing with this.

I need to add that hypoglycemics don't all have issues with the same foods causing blood sugar levels to drop. Carbs from fruit don't bother me (but they do a hypoglycemic online friend).

It's important to start keeping a diary, weighing and measuring your foods and recording the carbs. Note the times of your meals/snacks and record any drops in blood sugars. That information will be helpful to a nutritionist.

Carbs from starchy sources, beans and legumes etc. are my trigger but keeping the carbs from those to around 10-11g is pretty safe for me.

For the most part, eating something at regular intervals keeps my hypoglycemia at bay.

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