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How is everyone doing?

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I'm 4 weeks out, on my first stall, holding at 219. That's 19lbs down which seems horribly insignificant next to the 30-something lb. loss of others who had surgery the first week of May but I'm told if you start out lower you'll lose slower so am consoling myself with that. I'm under a BMI of 35 now so am focusing on that and starting my treadmill walking this week, doing 1 (US) mile to start and working my way up. Hopefully the more focused walking will get things moving.

What diet phase are those who had their surgery May 1-7th on now? Officially I'm on 'mush' but I can't stand purees, they turn my stomach (wimpy of me I know) so have tried deli ham on half a roll at a Jubilee party yesterday and an Atkins protein bar. Well part of it anyway, I can't eat much at all still so eat very slowly but the solids are staying down and I feel less lethargic and tired even having that tiny bit of protein. With my milk allergy I think I was getting way too little protein on liquids and mush only.

Where is everyone else at?

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Lilybet - put a call into your NUT and ask when you can start on solids.

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