To those of you considering the lap band.

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I  follow a lot of people on youtube that has the lap-band.  I have also heard of horrible stories with the band slipping and good stories where people have had it for 10 years and never had complications.  Please don't make a decision based off  others experiences.  Your body is yours and you success depends on how you treat it.  Some people have issues because the surgeon didn't apply it correctly and some have issues because there eating until they can't eat any more which causes the band to stretch and eventually causes it to slip. Please do your research on the band and not on these forums.  If you don't read up on the lap-band and what your suppose to do to make sure your not having any problems than your already failing.  

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Wow, I didn't know there were such drastically different opinions on the lap band! My best friend got the procedure in 2016 and had a lot of benefits from lap band surgery. Like with everything, each person will have their own reaction to the procedure. I'm so happy for those of you who have had success!

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