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Hi there,

I recently introduced myself--new to these boards. I've just made 6wks post op--Band to Bypass.

I'm a frequent traveler (travel writer) and on the road at least 1-2x a month depending and I'm having a ROUGH time with this bypass. I'm feeling like I may have made a terrible mistake. I've read the posts by someone named Aviator and I'm wondering if I should have gone with the sleeve. :-(

Oh well, too late now.

The pounds are coming off more than they did with the band, yes. But I can barely eat anything without feeling ill. So, I barely eat at all at home. I just stick to protein drinks and some water. But I'm not getting near the 64oz my doc wants. I just can't handle it.

I've been on the road 2x already since my surgery. Both were near disasters. I wasn't prepared for the multi-course meals and seemingly endless eating and drinking that goes along with entertaining clients and being entertained.

It's a fabulous job--I go all over the world. But is it conducive to WLS? I'm not so sure anymore.

I panic every time I'm sitting at a table with people, wondering if they're noticing that I eat like a toddler. I don't even know what kind of drink to order that looks like a cocktail but isn't. I made the mistake of ordering a tonic with lime the other day. BIG MISTAKE. I had to excuse myself. I thought those days were over when I got rid of the band!! My doc told me this would be better for me. I'm hating him right now because I think he lied!

I would love to talk with people who are in the same boat--whose careers involve a great deal of eating out and traveling. I'm beginning to feel like this is never going to get better and I'll never be able to eat more than 3 bites of anything ever again.

Thanks for listening!

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Hi, i am pre-op for band to bypass revision surgery. I do not travel, but I do entertain and have lunches/dinner with colleagues often. I had my band surgery in July 2009 and immediately realized I had to learn how to eat out, and eat really really slow. its like putting on a show for the table. First, order the smallest meal possible, like appetizer size, or lunch size. put small amounts of food in your spoon or fork. I once ate a thick soup by dipping the spoon instead of scooping. Avoid meaty dishes. Its too hard (and obvious) to get cut a steak into a tiny chunk of meat, then its weird to chew it a million times before you swallow. Stick to seafood, fish, or chicken, its easier to flake or shred with your fork. For alcoholic beverage lookalikes, try tea w/lemon in a short glass. the darker color looks like a rum, scotch, etc.. If you dont like tea, stick to water w/lemon in a short glass. I do not reccommend blended virgin drinks. They have too much sugar which will make you sick...Do you have the wallet card w/directions on it that you can discreetly show to waiters?? that card is helpful, and I made my own w/the tea/water solution on the back. This way you can order your drink w/out being obvious to the table

I am pre-op for the revision, so I am worried about what things will be like after the revision. One of my challenges I currenly have is fluid intake. I live in South Florida and I struggle with dehydration every summer. My primary doctor actually gave me some good advice on staying hydrated with WLS. have a water bottle with you at all times. i keep a bottle of water in my purse, on my desk at work, and always avialable at home. practice drinking ALL day. even though we can't handle guzzling water, we can handle getting down a few onces each hour. i did the math on it for myself. i need at least 64oz daily. i'm awake for 16 hrs a day. if i drink 4 oz an hour i'll be set. thats not a lot. drink water before you eat solids or protein shakes, not after. it will be easier to hydrate if the water isn't competing with solid foods or a sludgy protein shake to get through your stomach. Dilute your protein shakes, or alternate with sips of water so they go down easier. I can not stand that sensation that something is sitting in my esophagus, so i had to learn quickly how to sip slowly.

how has your weight loss been since the revision?

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Hey there lil lady!

I cannot reply with empathy with regard to your job, but I can offer you helpful advice. I had and still have a hard time with "dense" proteins. Improperly prepared chicken and seafood as well as beef. It sounds like you struggle with the same thing I do. All I can offer is to tell you to be proactive. bring Jerkey, String Ceese, Almonds and other high protein eats that you can carry in your purse. Chew your foods very well. Bite size pieces like that of an eraser tip and then chew it like crazy. Take your time eating, no one is looking.

regarding you feeling like you eat like a toddler; 90% of the time, people dont notice the other 10% I respond that I "eat like a bird" or when eating out I always ask for a to go box with my food, and then I put 2/3 of it in the box then eat. I have never in 8 years had anyone ask me about this habit.. An attentive waitperson may ask if the food is okay if they notice you didnt eat much, all Ive said is that it was great but dont have much of an appetite and ask for a to go box.

Dont over think things. Choose the softest proteins as possible ie sushi if ya like it, when eating in public and chew like crazy. Do not drink with meals and stay away from anything that is carbonated. Water is your best and safest bet, you want to work on flushing those kidneys as much as possible in your 6 month honeymoon period.

Best wishes mama, things will get better you are learning new habits is all ... you are going to do fine.

PS You need an assistant? Your job sounds awesome!

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Hi Flyin!

I'm a band-to- bypass girl as well- Best decision ever- !! If you are having trouble eating even at home- ask your dr about the possibility of having a stricture ? I wonder if having a band first makes us a little more prone to strictures - not sure on that-

I had two strictures so progressed slowly back to real food- stick to soft options when out and little mouthfuls at a time-

People really don't take that much notice of what you are/are not eating as long as YOU don't make a fuss-

I was at a work lunch the other day and sandwiches were served- I could never have eaten bread with a band but had a couple of quarters- just like every-one else- I felt NORMAL!! Unlike the years of band torture I endured- Hang in there and give it some more time- it will get better (and yes I know carbs are evil before anyone says :) )

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