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Hi, I've been thinking about getting lapband for a few years. Last year I went on WW for about six months. I lost 30 pounds which brought me down to 245.

After losing thirty pounds I just kept going up and down and was completely stuck. My ex stopped paying child support and I couldn't afford WW anymore, then my job exploded and I went through an incredibly stressful period where I completely lost track of what I was eating.

I've probably gained twenty pounds back.

I'm 40 and I'm done having kids, I have been overweight since college. I've been on antidepressants since 1994. I tried to get off of Paxil two years ago becaue my psych and I thought it would help me lose weight. It was a total disaster. No matter how slowly I went down on my dosage I was miserable with withdrawal symptoms and just couldn't handle being a single mom and working full time AND having electric shock feelings going through my head every five minutes.

So I've lost weight so many times, the last time I was a size 10 was before I started on the antidepressants and with my height and big Irish German frame I think that's a good size for me. It's been so long I literally don't remember what it feels like to be a "normal" weight. I think that's part of the issue is that I can't remember or visualize it.

I was down to 205 when I got pregnant, after doing South Beach. I gained forty pounds and didn't lose them. I was so depressed abotu the way my body looked and it's a really long story but I was in a horrible nonsupportive marriage and just didn't have the resources, time, energy or support to lose weight.

In addition I had to up my paxil dosage after my daughter was born which made it worse.

If you've made it this far, I have some questions....do you think that lapband would help someone who is on antidepressants or are the ADs just going to make you gain it back or keep you from losing?

If you're a mom who had a significantly large belly postpartum, did you see the weight come off your belly? I'm just afraid it's mostly hanging skin and I'm going to look freakish or need a tummy tuck to even gain the benefits of losing the fat. My daughter was 10 days late and over 8 pounds. My stomach was HUGE!

Also I feel like in addition to the environmental issues, relationship issues, and the antidepressants, part of the reason why I can't lose weight is because I'm afraid, and I feel like there's a part of me that is going to sabotage myself no matter I do, unless I do something drastic that will allow that part of me to see that I gain lose weight without the world ending or people hating me or men hitting on me every five seconds. I don't know if that's a good approach or if I'd just end up gaining it all back and sabotaging myself again?

I don't know, but thanks anyone for your thoughts and insight!

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After reading thousands of stories and research articles- I opted for the vertical sleeve. My surgeon cemented my decision when he told me that he actively tries to talk his lap band patients into the sleeve because of all the band related issues he's seen. He won't do the band unless he absolutely has to.

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I had a sleeve and am doing great - 22 pounds down the first month.

i have read some post and blogs by people with bands and they seem to have trouble losing.

Good luck to you!

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If you want the truth, I am sure you can find the statistics, these surgeries are a tool, whether it is lap band, sleeve or GB/RNY (yeah I abbreviated them, you guys with your fancy smancy surgery name). The beginning phase after you have it you almost have to severely sabotage not to lose weight but that goes away, and you can and will regain weight if you do not use that time to change your lifestyles. My father had a gastroplasty a long long time ago, and his weight can spike up (nothing like what it was) but he can also channel it in and get back on track really fast, because his structure is still pretty great for as long as he has had it. My cousin had RNY lost 115 lbs and has put 15 back on, she is running a lot now to get it back under control.

I think fear, epecially in this arena, can be paralyzing. The fear of surgery, but more the fear of failure, or worse yet finding out that weight is in fact not the reason everything in our life is bad (those things that are). I also think it would be irresponsible for us not knowing what your history completely is to pursuade you one way or another. I think the people on here will tell you they are happy with their decision (except some that are 2-3 weeks out of surgery), but it is hard work, mentally and physically. I do think a seminar or informational session with a bariatric surgeon would answer a lot of questions and you can look on here as well.

This site is full of people who can provide information, everyone is different, not all things apply, but the diversity in range on this site (In regards to pre-op to post-op to 5-10 years later) is pretty fantastic. Now that is being said by a new guy to this thread but someone who has been struggling with weight loss for decades and has been approved and backed out of surgery before.

Best of luck on whatever path you take! And keep asking those great questions? Just remember you can not put specific expectations even if someone is your same age, height, and weight, your experience is going to be what you make of it. :)

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I am a person who has had RNY gastric bypass surgery last summer. I am also on anti-depressants. I have been through the withdrawal you were talking about, only with a different med, and I know about the "brain zaps". I am on a different anti-depressant now that doesn't make me gain any more weight. The damage had been done, however, with regard to the weight gain. Some things I think you might need to know are the following:

1. Something my doctor told me - 95% of people who lose weight will gain it back (this is meaning people who have NOT had the surgery) So dont beat yourself up for not having kept the weight off thus far. It's apparently something that is hard to do.

2. I agree with previous posters who said the lapband is not the way to go. I have read too many stories on this forum about people who have had to have revisions to their bands because of slippage, or whatever, and they end up getting one of the other surgeries anyway. Also, the other two surgeries have better results than the band.

3. I think instead of wondering if the antidepressants will make you gain the weight back, you should consider getting on a different anti-depressant. But to answer that question, I highly doubt you will gain all of the weight back with either the sleeve or gastric bypass. My father in law had gastric bypass and started at 500 pounds. He's lost lots of weight and yes, gained some back, but he's only around 350 now. Better than 500.

4. Regarding hanging skin, it depends on how big you are to start with, and how much you lose, but yes, many people have hanging skin. From what I hear though, it's worth it for all of the benefits you get from losing the weight. I'm not finished losing yet, so I cant really give you any guidance on the hanging skin stuff yet.

5. Regarding sabotaging yourself and gaining the weight back, I have this to say: Counseling, counseling, counseling!!! When you lose the weight, you go through a range of emotions. I never really understood that until it happened to me. What happens is hormones are stored in your fat. When you lose the fat, the hormones come back out. Then you have to either deal with the issues you are having or start a transfer addiction. This is why so many people have problems after surgery- they look for different coping mechanisms like drinking or shopping or whatever (those were my two issues which I'm fixing as we speak). I'm beginning exercising, and I hope this takes care of it. I'm also in counseling to help deal with my issues instead of eating them away.

6. If you read through this forum, you will see that the surgeries are a just good tool. You still have to do the work of trying to fix the reasons for eating. It forces you to cope instead of eating because you can no longer eat to cope.

Hope this makes sense!! Good luck with whatever you decide to do. If you would like to talk to me further, please dont hesitate to PM me. Take it easy!

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Thanks so much to all of you!

The problem is that I wasn't able to get off of Paxil, even though it wasn't clinically doing much for me anymore. I had to fool around with other ADs and my psych added buspar for anxiety, then I found Pristiq. So now I'm on three different drugs. I've tried weaning off the buspar slowly and that didn't work either, I was so tired, dizzy, light headed, it just wasn't worth it. Maybe if I had months to sit around and do nothing but when you're working and have a child with special needs it's just not possible.

Anyway I really want to change my lifestyle. I don't mind eating less or eating healthy. I just get frustrated when I try so hard and I don't get results. Or I get results and then something happens in my life where I can't be so overly consumed with working out and eating the exact right thing and I gain it back. It's hard not to blame myself sometimes. I want to be a good role model for my daughter and I want to be there for her for a long time. I feel like there are things I can't do with her because of my weight and I don't like that.

I know everyone's situation is different, I appreciate it guys!

I've been through a lot of counseling in my life. I actually started going to a hypnotherapist about a year ago trying to get hypnotized so I wouldn't eat as much, that didn't work. She's a counselor too so she has helped me with a lot of stuff. She told me that we store a lot of emotions in excess fat. I know in the past I've had issues with body image. I can remember being a size 8 in junior high and thinking I was fat.

And the other this is, I don't really feel like my life is that bad. I don't feel like being overweight really has that much to do with the things that I don't like. I have a wonderful husband, a great kid, two wonderful stepkids, a good family. There's nothing that I blame on being overweight other than not being able to wear the clothes I want and not having energy and not feeling like I really like the way I look. Maybe that's why it's taken me so long because it hasn't seemed like that big of a deal.

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I am new to the forum and have not had surgery yet. I am still researching but I have pretty much decided on RNY. I wanted the sleeve at first but when I attended an information night with one of the surgeons I am considering he had some interesting things to say. Apparently when a Vertical Sleeve is performed it removes the part of the stomach that controls gherlin so the plus to that is you wont be hungry or at least as hungry as you were before. HOWEVER, what was interesting to me was that in the same part of the stomach is a control for depression (isn't your body amazing?!) and since I take anti depressants and have a long family history of it I am not willing to do something that might make that condition worse. So for me the RNY is the way to go.

For me the lap band is a non option. Like most of the other posters, I personally know people that have not been successful and have had lots of complications, both minor and major. It is just not worth it to me.

So you may want to really research and attend information nights from multiple doctors.

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