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I know this isn't exactly "nutrition," but I thought this was probably the best place for this post. :o

I discovered a great place called Indulgence in Hillcrest. It's a cafe, bakery, & coffee shop and everything is sugar free! :eek: They have great lo-carb breakfast and lunch items; sugar-free syrups for coffee drinks; sugar free ice cream and sorbet; etc. So far I've tried their bacon, mushroom, and swiss quiche and it was yummy! (I didn't eat the crust, so I'm not sure how that tasted.) I also tried their cheesecake and it was very good as well. Their prices are really inexpensive too!

Anyway, here's the info:


4207 Park Blvd., 1/2 block North of Henry's Market



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Thanks for the info I printed that one out. I'm 4 days out now and am starting to think past these wonderful clear liquids. It sounds like you are doing really well. Lorrain

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