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Prof Tessa V.d. Merwe


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So finally the waiting game is over...Got my approval letter from Discover yesterday which I was not expecting... :D :D :D

I just want to recommend to anybody in Gauteng to use Prof Tess,Dr. Fetter & their team. They are the most amazing people and Prof Tess is such an amazing woman...she is down to earth and very caring despite her many achievements. She is very respected in her field, local nd overseas. They are at the new Netcare hospital in Midrand...Waterfall City hospital.

I never considered any other bariatric team.

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Hi MB,

Your surgery is on Monday....How do you feel?

How was the 2 week liquid diet... was it hard?

How much weight have you lost on the liquid diet?

I just can't wait anymore....I'm so excited to finally be going through with the op.

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Hi LadyH,

Hope you are well?

I am going to go see Dr Tess on the 15 August 2012 and then will start with my journey to the new me, I am struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember, just want to found out how are you doing?

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