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Went in on Wed am and was pleasantly whirled through a long list of preps and tests and questions (must have spelled my name and provided my birthdate and my procedure name about 3 dozen times). Into the OR by 8:30 and already out of it. Awakened about 2:30 or so, feeling great, as anesthesia will do for me. So glad to have made it to the 'done and gone' side of this decision. I was NEVER gonna feel certain while I had not yet had the operation.

Now I feel relief and I'm tired. Also, seems like I need a little wheelbarrow with extra long legs to carry my belly around in. Because my urine stayed concentrated they kept adding boluses of water until I thought I'd burst like a water balloon. I went in there weighing 202 and came out weighing 223! I hear this is not a rare occurrence, so late July-ers please take notice. I had no nausea, could sip liquids right away and left after 'eating' a break fast that included jello and a popsicle, along with tea. I skipped the apple juice as the sweetness didn't appeal to me.

Home now and find I can still chug two swallows of the liquid protein pack I use, which means that in about twenty minutes I can pack in 42 grams of protein at the start of the day. If I add two 15 gr shakes which I sip over time, that gets me to 72. This is good news.

I'm thinking of buying a camelpak -- a clever lightweight tank that carries water on your back and delivers it at any moment you want to sip through a spout that clips to your clothing in the front. Seems like this is the surest way to avoid de-hydration.

Eager to hear how the rest of you who had your procedures in the first half of July are feeling. Good luck to us!

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Welcome home! Glad it went well! I didn't have any problems with nausea or taking my liquids either. I'm starting to think "hell week" is less and less common then made out to be. Hope you continue to have a wonderful recovery!

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so glad to hear all went well and that you're doing good at home!

Thanks so much for the explaination that it's normal to come out weighing more. I got on the scale when i got home and seen i put on 2 lbs.. I guess with all the fuids they pumped into me, it makes sense.

I'm gonna do my best on focusing on getting well and staying off the scale for now.

Sending gentle hugs your way!!!

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