4.5 years post-op with severe abdominal pain?

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Thanks for sharing Saglass75.  I thought it was me - that I couldn't stop eating and had made a mistake having the surgery as  I am back up weight wise where I was prior to surgery!  Most of it (100 + lbs.) came on from March 2013 to March 2014.  I was going through tremendous stress so I don't know if that exasperated the weight gain, but I am off to see a new surgeon next week and hopefully things will work out so I can get this extra weight off.  My body felt like I was starving it, so I would eat and workout for 3-4 hours a day until I got so weak I could barely stand up.  On a side note, my stomach has been getting that "heartburn-y" feeling (gas?) and tons of gas and gas pains which is what I had with the h. pylori so I started back on the mastic gum, monolaurin and manuka honey regiment.  I hope the h. pylori is not back because I could not handle another 2 weeks on the triple therapy - I was never so sick in my life!

Good luck!!!

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Hi all!

I am having stomach pain.  It's not too debilitating, just very annoying.  I fill up on gas, look like I'm pregnant, have had constipation/diarrhea, and can barely eat anything.  I eat to not get sick as I have hypoglycemia and don't want to end up in the hospital with low blood sugar.  I have cut back on my food, eating as we all should - protein, veggies, fruit, and occasional crackers (to help with the upset stomach).  I had an ultrasound yesterday, so waiting for the results.  I had both a colonoscopy and endoscopy a couple of weeks ago - the doctor said everything looks great, my pouch appears fine. (I was diagnosed with h.pylori 4 years ago, after my surgery).  It's this gas pressure that is killing me.  I feel foggy, am extremely fatigued - I can sleep for 10-12 hours and still be exhausted to the point my fiance has had to drive me to work.  During my lunch break, I exercise - there is both a treadmill and eliptical machine that  I use, which helps relieve a small bit of the gas, but I am at a loss of what is going on.  I have also put on quite a bit of weight because of this - 20 lbs. in the past year, which my pcp said is highly unlikely with the restrictive portion size of our pouches.  It doen't matter what goes in my mouth, food or drink, I fill up on gas immediately. 

Has anyone had these symptoms?  I am curious to know what is going on and how to fix it.

Thanks and have a good one!

I know this post is a little old, but I am 3 months post op RnY and have the same thing, did you figure this out?

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This is what I'm going through now, I'm 6 months post op, and last week, Ive had pain upper left on and off.  I do not have a gallbladder had that out years before my RNY.  I have not eaten anything different or that I'm not supposed to. Ive had blood work and GI series, CT scan and nothing shows up.

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On 5/14/2011 at 7:52 AM, margi53 said:


I had my gastric bypass surgery in 2006, so it's been almost 5 years.

I acheived my target weight and feel fantastic!

However, since early 2009, I have been suffering from bouts of severe abdominal pain.

I've had my gall bladder out in 2009 and had other surgery to investigate the problem.

I've also had CT scans, MRI scans, ultrasounds, and regular blood tests but nothing has shown up.

I have been prescribed pain killers but I'm still suffering.

I don't know if this has anything to do with the surgery, but I was wondering if anyone else has had any similar problems and could maybe give me some help?

Thanks in advance.

Surgery 2008. 

Abdominal pain like so many I just read about.  Left side, feels like a squeeze at first, hard to breathe, then severe muscle like pain just under ribs..  feels like it creeps to other side.  

Been to GI Dr.  nothing, had exploratory surgery to see if hernia.  Only found a few areas of intestines attached to wall, corrected.  

Have had that pain since, so not intestine attachments! 

Only thing I do now is apply heat and take a muscle relaxant  will subside.

issues now are feeling nauseous or gas bloating which can be so painful!!!!

nice to hear I'm not making this up!


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