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I had my egd yesterday. No stricture, and the test itself went off without an issue. I started looking "gray" as they wheeled me into the recovery area. And within minutes my o2 monitor was going off, and my skin was blue... smurfy blue. I had a reaction to the benzocaine they sprayed my throat and mouth with. It bound up with my red blood cells, and wasn't letting oxygen get to my muscles and organs. My o2 levels, at my first recollection was 61. They tried to put a nasal airway in, and had me bagged. I had an arterial blood gases drawn (hurt like nothing I've ever had before). I was VERY sick for about an hour. My 10 am test left me leaving at 3 pm. It was an incredibly hard day. I hurt in every inch of my body, and for some reason my pain medications for my chronic pain isn't working. And I'm in agony. BUt the good news, I'm alive, and I'm home with my boys.


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