How much does it stretch?

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I too am interested to know if everyone weighs their food on a scale?

For me learning to weigh and measure was extremely important in

making the transition in eating.

I was very black and white in my thinking. If I eat food on the bone,

for example chicken wings, I weigh the serving then weigh the bones

to find out how much I really had.

Using 1/2 cup bowls helped too. I purchased several measuring cup

sets at Walmart and put the 1/2 or 1/4 cup right in the package

so I don't have to search. (My wife loves to hide things in the dish washer.)

How this helps.


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To measure the size of your sleeve, weigh a container of low fat cottage cheese first thing in the morning (before you've put anything in it). Eat until you are comfortable but not over full. Then re weigh the container. The difference is the size of your sleeve.

Mine is about 8 oz now at 2-1/3 years out. It was originally 4 oz. I still cannot eat but a few bites of a protein, a complex carb, and a whole grain/fiber at a single meal, meaning I cannot nearly eat a full restaurant meal. I still drink before eating, and limit beverages during meals and up to 45 mins afterwards.

If I do a three day liquid fast, it still shrinks a couple of ounces for a while.

I've always believed that the diet/exercise ration is about 90/10%. So with WLS youmaddress the 80% side, but you still have to pull on your exercise shoes and address the 10% side. You get a triple for WLS but to get the runner home ya gotta still hit the single. Its baseball season.

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I used a food scale for about the first year. Now, I just eyeball it and "feel" it.

Eyeball aids. A protien portion is the size of the palm of you hand. No bigger. A complex carb (veggie) portion should fit in a cup shaped by both of your hands. Works when away from your scale.

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I use volume mostly when I consider intake. I know how much my sleeve can handle of each different type of food now since I am just over a year out. I take in 4-5 oz and that is it for me. :D

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