post op abdominal spasms

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anyone else get these? I'm not talking a lil twitch. OMG last night it straight up woke my snoozing behind up crying. It was as if someone had put one of those neuromuscular stimulators on my right side and cranked it up to high!!! It was unrelenting for a good 10mins. I just laid there and cried until it stopped. Then felt like I did a bagillion sit ups and am sooooo sore. Ended up taking lortab just to get back to sleep. Luckily I have my first post op appt tomorrow so I will bring this up. I cannot tell you how sore I am today it's just crazy!!!!!

hopefully it was just a one time thing because OMG I don't think I could handle that again. The after effects are bad enough. Was very weird since I could just feel that muscle with my hand cramp up and stay tight for several seconds before releasing only to start again. Was torture for sure.

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I just started getting one between the two incisions on my left side there not very bad pain wise.

My surgery said to take some extra strength tylenol, if it doesnt clear up in two days it might be something like a pulled internal staple/stitch

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