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Is the only way to get rid of that awful fat between my upper thighs to do a thigh lift? Would that also be a butt lift? And are a butt lift and thigh lift also just a lower body lift? i have no idea what it is that i really need, maybe just a magic wand could help me...but, i included pictures...maybe you can tell me what i need?? Not sure if you are allowed/willing to do that or not...but, figured what the heck.

Also, if I plan on getting a breast lift very soon....cant they just pull up my stomach skin and cut it off? I am not as concerned about my muscles being tightened, i just want the skin lifted and cut off (if that makes sense.)

Lastly, i saw on this forum that someone had lipo and then had the fat implanted in her boobs. None of the surgeons I went to for a consult gave me that as an option (i have seen four, but only talked about breast surgery.) Is that not commonly practiced?

Thanks a lot.


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Hello FatButNotHappy,

Thanks for your question.

From your pictures, you do not really have a very large amount of excess skin, so you may have some options other than just a thigh lift. But it would really depend on the quality of your tissues, its elasticity, the amount of fat, etc. Also, your other medical problems would be important factors to consider. Is your weight stable or are you still losing? I would recommend consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon who could examine you in person and discuss your treatment options.

Different surgeons use different terminology, but a buttock lift and a thigh lift are two different procedures. Both are, however, included in a lower body lift. To treat the abdominal skin, you can either pull it down and remove it with an underwear-line scar, or pull it up with a scar under the breast crease. The best choice really depends on your tissue quality and would best be discussed with your plastic surgeon after a consultation.

Fat transplantation is a very useful procedure for reconstruction of many parts of the body, including the breast, but we are limited in the amount of fat you can successfully transfer from one area to another. We usually use this procedure only for touch-ups or minor contour corrections, but we can transfer larger amounts of fat over multiple procedures. Again, an experienced plastic surgeon would be able to discuss the best options for you after a consultation and physical examination.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks for the info.

So, if you remove the extra skin from the breast crease....can they do that when they are doing a breast lift/augmentation? I just really need a tummy skin lift, more than a tummy tuck...although a tt would be better.....I assume more painful. Would the recovery be easier with just a "tummy lift"and not require so much time off work?

I'm meeting with my surgeon in the morning for pre-op stuff since I have scheduled my sx for wednessday. I didn't think to discuss other stuff with him at the time of my first appointment because I didn't have that much rime to take off work.

Thanks again.

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