Do fistula's have to be surgically corrected?

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Kind if worried and scared here.... I posted below that my surgeon is certain I have a type of hernia that must be repaired. Not an optional hernia repair because of it's location.

He also thinks I may have a fistula. He said he would have redo my RNY surgery.

At first I was thrilled about the possibility of getting a revision so it can help me shed SO much weight I have gained back :(

But, he is a very frank, stick to the facts kind of guy. He said the risks for post-op complications go up a lot rather then the first RNY.

And, that the mortality rate goes up to 2% instead of the max of 1% for first time RNY.

So, if in the end I do not want a full revision because of the fistula do I have to have one anyway to fix the fistula?

If I have both is it possible that can he do both surgeries at once? He is conservative BUT, his patient's comfort level and health is most important.

And last question I swear! He scheduled a CT scan for all of the above. Does the CT scan detect a fistula and hernias?

Thank you all so much! I am more then worried and getting scared. Anxiety is going through the roof.....

Thank you all again - I am SO happy there is a forum out there for WLS.

:) Karla

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I'm still a relative newbie (14 weeks post op), but as a nurse, I truly believe ALL fistulas would need to be repaired surgically........I'm not sure about your other questions, but thought I'd share that little piece of info......

Good luck and keep us posted!


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