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Pre Op 6 month diet troubles can you help me?

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Whats the deal with the diet? Because I feel like the diet is going to kill me and I give up on it on almost a daily basis. I start out the day fine but after a while I get so hungry that I just eat. So I lie on my food journal that I'm supposed to give the nutritionist. I've only been seeing her for a month. The first 3 weeks I followed her diet to a T but I only lost a half pound and it upset me so I ate. Then my pcp tells me I have to be at least 100 lbs overweight. I'm 263 and I'm 5'7" 160 is the most I should ever of weighed. With a BMI of 41 <-- morbidly obese right? So back to the nutritionist...

She is going to know eventually right, that I lie on my journal? Because if I don't lose weight or I gain it then what happens? Do I lose my shot at the surgery? I feel so discouraged. In my brain I have failed so many times that I feel like I can't stay on this strict of a diet for that long. Plus weight watchers worked better and didn't hurt as bad.

Should I keep lying on my journal? Or be honest? Or really stick to the diet? I just don't want to end up losing weight and the dr saying I don't need it because it will come back it always does but it brings a friend named 15lbs.

Please someone who has completed the diet help me

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Sweetheart - 160lb at 5'7" will still leave you in the obese BMI range - only just but obese it is. 150lb would put you in the middle of the "normal" BMI range. So your doc is right, you are at least 100lb overweight.

Your surgeon is probably looking for some level of commitment from you and lying on your journal isn't the way - as you point out, your NUT is going to find out.

You have to put everything you have into this 6 month diet. They're not expecting miracles but they will want to see some effort from you in following a protocol because trust me, after WLS you will need to have some self control.

Is there any reason why you can't join WW for this 6 month pre-op diet?

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You have to be honest with yourself, with your Nutritionist, and especially in your journal. And you definitely need to try to stick to the diet prescribed for you. It's not required for no reason. Yes it is hard, but it is workable and everyone is working for your best interests.

Remember that surgery is not a solution. It is only a tool to help you towards your weight loss goal and your restrictions then will be far more strict than they are now. You need to be prepared.

Lots of information on this forum and lots of friends to give you support through the hard times.

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Doctors impose the preop diet for a number of reasons. To show your commitment to the new lifestyle change, a hurdle of the insurance company, but most importantly to get you in the best possible health for surgery.

Sure you can lie on your food journal but who does that ultimately hurt? The surgeon? No The nutritionist? Nope. It only hurts YOU! Think about that journey to regaining your health you want to take.

I know its hard and seem like forever but its not. You know what needs to be done, now its time to get serious and do it. Keep your eyes on that end prize. It is so worth it.

Good lluck!

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I was so frustrated when I had to do the 6 month diet. I thought it was a waste of time and I was so so jealous of the people who didn't have to do it.

I did indeed "try" to lose some weight during that six months but I DID NOT take it as serious as I should have.

I also meet with the pyc doc weekly for 2 months during this diet... and even though it made me really frustrated to do it ,I can now admit how much I needed it.

The diet is there to help you! Take this time to adjust to the new life changes that are coming. Do you have to be perfect everyday??? Well, if you where then would you need the surgery?

Maybe you can make a goal where during the week your perfect and 1 day of the weekend your not?

Something else that happens during that six month period is you start to have "last supper syndrome". That is where you think, " I'm never going to have this food ever again! I better eat it now!" And you stuff yourself silly doing it. But what you don't realize is for the most part you probably will.

Try to be honest with your nutritionist. They are there to help you work through your issues, and we all have them! They can give you alternative suggestions! They can help you to realize why you turn to food like this.

I also think the six month diet REALLY gives you time to wrap your head around what is coming. I think it gives you the time to really get serious!, Time to understand WHY you eat!, and time to educate yourself on good choices after the surgery, and if your really smart learn all you can about the surgery and what is expected from you after.

Sorry I'm rambling. During the diet I was miserable! But now I can look at it and be thankful. I hope you can have that same feeling.

FYI- I lost about 10 lbs in the 6 months I was on it and 8 lbs on the liquid diet. It wasn't much. And FYI- every doc has different requirements. I would be very clear on what yours requires... some will even cancel surgeries of you haven't lost a certain amount.

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