Pregnancy Nutrition Guidelines from ASMBS 2010

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Holy Cow...

this has completely freaked me out!! my husband and I were not planning on getting pregnant (we have two girls already that I had before my RNY). I was on the Depo Shot, but clearly this was not preventative for us!

I am 20 months post-op, and am currently 8 weeks pregnant. Both of my children were very healthy, they both got 9 on their APGAR scores and are still extremely healthy (some of which I attribute to breast feeding until they were a year old).

I am taking prenatal chewables (4 as the recommended dose is 2/day) I am also taking calcium (4 perday), and a b-12 sublingual. Should I still be drinking my protein shake, will it harm the baby? I have my first appointment with my OB on January the 11th. But I am totally FREAKING out!



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The glucose challenge test is when they have you drink a bunch of syrup to see how your body processes it. For those of us with RNY it is a gaurantee os dumping! There are other tests they can do instead, I think my doc is just doing multiple A1C tests. (I have no idea what that means, it's just a different blood sugar test.

A1C measures the average of your blood sugar for the past 3 months.

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is the "Mom's weight- Protein required/day" the same if you've had the sleeve? 

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