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I had my lapband surgery done last Monday, 04/26/10. I'm still sore above my belly button, where the largest incision is, but other than that I'm moving around fine.

My Dr. has me on clear liquids until I see him this week for the post op appointment, then to full liquids for 2 wks, followed by soft/mushy/pureed for he following 2 weeks.

What I don't understand is that I was seeing a weight loss until 2 days ago. I've not lost any more since. I'm definitely taking in under 1000 calories a day, more like under 500. I can't seem to drink-eat enough, right now, to get it any higher, and my stomach is growling every waking moment.

As I start to widen the variety of foods I can eat, am I gonna see a weight gain intead of loss?

I am walking.

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For what it's worth, my weight loss has been very S-L-O-W. there was about 6 weeks with 1 pound lost. I can almost hear people telling you that you "aren't eating enough", my response is ARE you writing down everything you eat??? Are you looking to see if there is sugar in the product??? I discovered that I was DRINKING an extra 500 calories a day with 2 Iced Tea's from McDonalds, They are so very yummy, and loaded with sugar. Then I traded peanut butter sandwiches for Cherrios and 1/3 cup of dried Cranberries, + a banana for breakfast (every day). That was also a 500 calorie idea. My point is that I had to finally learn that everything I put in my mouth has a calorie value and you have to be 500 calories to the negative EVERY DAY to lose a pound a weight. I am down to 177 and it was damn HARD.

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