5 Months Post-Op...I'm Pregnant

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Congrats to each and every one of you.......but please please do NOT send your water my way....if I end up preggo someone is getting slaped with a cheese stick. :P

someone recently asked me if that might be why I was gaining. *that* surely would be a miracle... considering both hubby and I are "fixed" as it were :cool::P

I'm looking forward to someday being a gramma, though... :)

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That is the first I'm actually saying that out loud (figuratively speaking). I guess I should start from the beginning....

Five months ago, on October 5th, I had RYN surgery and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I''ve lost a total of 120 pounds and am feeling wonderful. I had another 100 to go and then Valentines Day I'm 6 weeks pregnant. :eek: Ironically, I'm still continuing to lose weight but I'm eating healthy...

I'm scared, not sure if the father want's anything to do with me. I'm afraid to tell my family as I don't want them to 1. Be concerned for my health (post op and pregnant five months later?!) and 2. They are most likely going to be very disappointed in me.

I have never thought once to end this pregnancy. This is a gift from God and everything happens for a reason. I'm just a little freaked out. I haven't told my surgeon yet and I'm sure he's not going to be thrilled. My first OB/GYN doctors appointment is Friday so I'll know more then.

I could really use a friend right now...Any takers? I'd also like some advice; has anyone out there gotten pregnant so soon after surgery? I thought we were being careful; apparently not careful enough.

I'm still reading the reply posts...but so far have only seen one with the 'other side' of your situation. I'm not much of one for info on preganancy after the surgery, but I've been there for the rest of it.

I got pregnant when I was 19, had her when I was 20. Come from a very conservative family that I feared would oust me in addition to the dissapointment. It took me almost 3 months to be able to tell them after I found out. I did have one aunt who tried to convince me that adoption was the best scenario. I went along with that for months until I realized what it was doing to me internally...and that I'd never recover from I opted to keep her. Just about a month from now, she'll turn 15.

Her dad opted to not be a part of her life, and that was from the beginning. He thought he wanted to for a couple days, but that quickly turned. I told him from the beginning it was his choice, but if he wasn't part of her life...he would help financially. And he had been (forced by the state) up till last year.

I had someone in my life from the time she was about a year and a half old till she was almost 5, but have been going it alone since then. I can't say that it's been easy, or even moderate. There are times it's hard...darntootin hard...but really, it's worth it. She changed my life. She is my reason for being, and my reason for everything I do. She is also my inspriation in so many ways. She teaches me things I could never learn through an adults eyes.

So...without rambling too much (which I'm known for lol) - I'm here for ya in that aspect. I do hope that the father does the right thing. If not initially, at some point early in the baby's life and holds to it. I hope that he sees the baby as a part of himself too, not just a part of you and an action that consummated their being. But, if he doesn't - rest assured that you can do it, you will make it, and that baby will be everything that matters.

We're here for many different ways. Be well, and keep us posted.

{{{{big huge hug}}}}}

PS - when I did finally tell my family - yes, they were somewhat disappointed, but they didn't oust me. They didn't turn me away, and they didn't stop loving me. I was loved the same as I had been before, I was held accountable to my actions and decision...but only in the way you do so when you love someone enough to gently guide them through their lessons of life. My Grandparents had raised me. They were the ones I was most concerned about letting down - they helped me when I was weak, and became an intragle (sp??) part of my daughter's life from the start. Not once did they ever look at her or consider her the result of a mistake I had made. And neither do I.

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