What happens if you don't get enough protein?

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A lot of people here already know I had a lot of problems early out due to not getting enough protein. But I thought I'd post a list of symptoms that may be caused by not getting enough. Some stuff is just unpleasant, like losing your hair, but some things can be very serious.

Problems that can be caused by not getting enough protein include:

* edema (fluid collecting under the skin)

* weakness

* fatigue

* nausea and vomiting

* muscle damage

* heart damage ('cause your heart is really a muscle)

* hair loss

* decreased pigmentation in the hair (you might go grey- my hair is way more grey now than it was before my surgery)

* skin problems, like rashes and dry, flaky skin

* slow healing of wounds (including your surgical incisions)

* supressed immune system (can't fight off infection as well)

* muscle cramps

* stomach pain

* fainting, dizziness

* headache

* depression

* anxiety

* moodiness


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Wow Kelly - I've had most of these things all along. Kinda makes me wonder if I haven't had enough protein in my diet for quite a while. I have already started transitioning into my new way of eating (to some extent) and I think I'll incorporate the protein now just to see what happens. Thanks for this post. :)

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This is me every Thursday (since May).My Drs feel that I will have to have treatment the rest of my life..maybe not weekly but forever.

(always took my vits so that is why getting blood work is so important)

PS- I would still have this surgery today.The last pic is my most recent..I look 100% better with a 10 HGB and not a 4...you can even see how "pasty" I was...I have also gained 12 lbs since treatment...I am at 135..my lowest was an UGLY 118.





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