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I am currently in the kaiser 20 week options class. I started out at 5' 8", 267 with a bmi of 40.68 and I know I am required to lose the 10% to show my commitment. I would be at 240 lbs with a bmi of 36.5. I asked kaiser at my class and they said it would be up to the surgeon if I would still qualify for the gastric bypass. I know that my ideal body weight according to standards is 155 to 165. I am worried that if I go through all of the classes and do my part that I would be rejected because I lost more than needed for the surgery, but would still need to idealy lose 80lbs.

How do I find out if the surgon will still go through with the surgery if everything else is ok (blood tests, physh test). I plan to go with pacific bariatric in san diego.

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Well Hello there,

Well I finished up my 6 months classes from Fontana Kaiser recently in July and had my surgery last week..

I managed to lose 54 pounds before surgery.. So good luck and keep us posted.

SoCal ..

(home of the NBA Champions)

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