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Carte Blanche


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Did someone watch Carte Blanche ? I am glad they put ot out their so people can see how dangerous the JIB procedure is, but some people are still in denial.:(

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I lived that nightmare...

Dr De Beer has been stopped, so at least no more people will die.

To those who died: my deepest sympathy to all the family members who went through hel with them.

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Sure. It is called a JIB as far as I know.

Dr de Beer in South Africa did it for many years. I learned last week that what he told me and many other people was not the whole truth...

He told me that only 3% of his patients got complications, the truth is that about 30% of his patients died because of liver and kidney failure! DIED!!!

There are still people out there who doesnt know this, this is the scary part!

As far as I understand the small bowel is shortened to less than 30cm! That is why I lost more than I ever should have and more! I wat 48km and my 10year old daughter is 45kg now! Goes to show!

After Carte Blanhce aired the programme om tv about people who died there was an enquiery and now Dr de Beer is not allowes to do the operation anymore. I also heard that there is 3 cases of man slaughter pending against him at the moment.

I never knew the truth, and I did do my homework, I spoke to more than 5 people who had the operation. IT WAS NOT ENOUGH?

But back then I did not have the internet to help, now I do.

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My mother had gone for this procedure in 2009 before all this information  came out. 

She unfortunately  is suffering  from the complications and currently  is in hospital due to a very aggressive bacteria infection  in the small intestine  that has been with her for all these years causing damage and havoc in her body. 

We had never  put the two together,  however for anyone who had gone for this if you suffer from diarrhea, painful bloating, depression , kidney stones.  Then please go have it checked out 

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