Applebee's Southwest Steak Recipe

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Serves/Makes: 2


2 (5.5 ounce) sirloin steaks, or your favorite cut

4 shakes blackened steak seasoning

1/2 cup red peppers, julienne cut

1/2 cup green peppers, julienne cut

1 cup yellow onion, julienne cut

Butter, as needed

Salt, to taste

Pepper, to taste

Garlic, granulated, to taste

1 slice Cheddar cheese

1 slice Monterey jack cheese, sliced


Preheat skillet or grill to 550 degrees F.

Shake blackened steak seasoning on to one side of meat and grill to desired doneness, turning halfway on grill between "flips" to achieve "diamond" grill marks.

While steak is cooking, cut onions and peppers. Melt butter and saut

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I just wanted to say thanks for posting these recipes today..they all sound yummy :)

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