I'm upset and angry

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Thank you Dianne and Duckie.

MVDB mailed me last night confirming that Allergan will provide 'free of charge'

a new band.

While this is good news, how do thy expect me to take out the faulty one and put a new one in????

Today I had to have a Cystoscopy done by a surgeon on the NHS, I had seen this guy previously for the consultation and (x-rays, scans) he had asked me what were the tubes inside my tum, that showed up on the xrays:D

I told him the story.

Today I told him the latest. He told me to get that in writing and to see a solicitor, same as you guys.

He said the manufacturer should be footing the bill.

Tomorrow I am going to phone Allergan ( a huge worldwide company, btw) and ask who I should speak to to discuss this matter and could they put the offer in writing.

Then I shall seek legal advice.

Thank you all for your support,I will continue when I have more news.

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My surgeon mailed me tonight telling me that the BUPA hospitals have now been taken over by SPIRE, which incidently I did know, and he cant see them allowing a free operation for me.

For anyone that is not familiar with my case, it was discovered by a contrast study that my actual band is leaking.

I have no restriction and havent had any since February. It has taken 2 fills to ascertain this fact.

The appoinments were so hard to get that we are now in June and I have put on weight and now weigh more than before I had my band fitted.

I had the band fitted 2 years ago, and I didnt realise until I joined another similar site that my band wasnt working properly, even after having a lot of fills.

He is going to ask the manufacturer for their views!!!!m I think that they should be held responsible, after all I paid 6000 pounds for the operation and my surgeon performed it in good faith.

What does everyone else think?

I would think if the hospital agreed to fix the problem, the new owners have to accept their obligations. It also seems like the Manufacturer or the surgeon needs to take responsibility for the mistake and eat the cost...if the band malfunctioned, the manufacturer needs to make good on it and pay to fix the problem...regardless of what the hospital decides to do...let them bill the manufacturer

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I would think if the hospital agreed to fix the problem

No sweetheart, the hospital hasnt agreed to fix the problem, they said they would give me a discount (wow!!) they havent confirmed an amount though.

It was the manufacturer that has agreed to give me a new band.

Incidently I was wondering if they would confirm that in writing, or if MVDB would forward me the mail (or hard copy) where they offer this.

He doesnt think I should expect a whole new operation, funded by anyone except me :mad:

I would have expected more from a top surgeon (in his field).

Seems to me... once that money was handed over then I was on my own which to my mind is totally wrong. But then I would feel that way after parting with

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