Very off topic, but I need help

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Anyone here in the law or maybe credit industry?

Citicorp just sent my wife an unsolicited credit card. She didn't apply for it, and she didn't ask for it. We are so mad right now we don't know what we can do to this company for so flagrantly violating our privacy and a Federal Law.

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I don't know much about cred :) it law, criminal, yes credit, a little. Call them and tell them you are destroying and returning the card, tell the to cancel the account, remove you from all mailing and customer lists, and tell them you will be contacting your local Attorney Generals office and the Better Business Bureau regarding their actions. This should get their attention and they should go ahead and remove all your info. Also, please make sure that someone didn't try to steal your wife's identity and got the card in her name and you got lucky and it came to you. I hope this helps a little bit. Privacy laws are very flexible and tend to favor business from what little I know. Good Luck!!

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