? of the week 4/4/05

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Guest HAMPTON5555

Christina and Dara,

It is time for me to come out.....I too have the sickest sense of humor when it comes to people falling. I hate it but I can not stop. I find the way people bounce when they fall hysterical. Of course I feel bad, and if someone was hurt I would stop laughing...probably...I hope.

My all time favorite show is Americas funniest videos, because it is filled with people falling, tripping, get the picture.

I am so glad I am in good company. I loved Something about Mary. Go figure, when the guy wrestles with the dog and it goes out the window!!! So bad!!

Well, my confession is over and so with that I will make my own fortune.

"He who laughs, has smile on face" aaasoooo!!!


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