Damn scale! How does it effect you? post up

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For me. I try and shun whatever number it is. Its always been out inches and BF% testing for me. I find myself settling in and trying to be okay with what the scale itself says to me. why is that a struggle for me? I degress

After plastics and a follow up cutting program I was around 198lbs and 10%. For me weightlifting and cutting to 193lbs while only reflects 5lbs in the scale I had lost nearly 4% in BF. I have gained alot of muscle and really changed. It encouraged me to continue. I gained up to 201lbs and really felt good about it.

Now that im the size I wanted I stopped eating the tubs of peanut butter and cut my lifting routine to maintaince levels and went back to introducing alot of cardio. My weight literally did a 180 and left me 193lbs currently. I kinda freaked out. Checking all my measurements and what I could lift ect.

Almost like a crazy person thinking I had lost lbs of valuable muscle in a matter of a few days. I know that sounds crazy but, I guess maybe we are all a little crazy. I really struggled with it but, decided still after plastics that it just must have been water weight/and my body stepping into where it was going to be.

I gotta admit I really hated it. I mean I know most guys who are even crazy muscular are 175lbs for my height(6"1) but, still man. I liked being 200lbs and being big. I guess we all have a size issue. For girls its all about getting small and for us its all about getting/staying big.

At any rate I just decided I should be happy with 193-194lbs and take it for what it is. I've decided to stop my tirade on building more muscle and I won't get any bigger than I am right now. What a real struggle its been to realize its easy to get obbessed and walk down a road thats just as unhealthy as eating 3 cheeseburgers.

I'm working on now just being happy. Happy and thankful for what I have. How is the scale for you guys? do you struggle with the size issue like me? What do you see when you look in the mirror?

I hope for some interesting responses from you guys. Lets get a healthy discussion going.

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The scale and I are not friends right now. I don't know if I've hit a plateau or not...no discernible weight loss in close to a couple of weeks. I'm fluctuating between 293 and 300, but 2 days ago it went up to 302, then this morning was at 298. I'm eating like 1200-1400 calories, gym three times a week at least, mainly cardio with some resistance on arms and chest and I'm doing more around the house as well. I'm getting 70-80 grams of protein and 80-100 oz of fluids a day. One of my meals each day has become a Healthy Choice or LEan Cuisine type frozen meal, sometimes I can finish them, sometimes not, but even the pasta ones I'm careful about total carbs and sugar grams. (Nothing over 6-8 g of sugar) Total carbs fluctuate between 22-40, but that includes fiber too. I've been used to losing, and am getting frustrated.

Also, when I get down to the weight you are at now, John, I will be the size I was in high school. I was still kind of stocky, but in a beefy way, and I thought I looked pretty good. My stomach was mostly flattish... no six pack or anything, but I looked good in my clothes. I would love to have that again and wouldn't mind being on that bigger side. At that point, my BMI would be around 27-28, but coming from 60, I'd be thrilled with that!

Also, I wanted to ask you about the elliptical machine. I'm starting to push past 25 minutes on it now and could probably go much longer, but my feet start getting that prickly feeling like they are going to sleep. It's uncomfortable, but I can stay on the machine. Once I'm off, it goes away, and I can be on the treadmill and nothing happens. I would think if it was a circulation issue, it would happen at other times than just the elliptical, could it be shoes, a particular type of repetitive movement? What do you think? I'm going to the doctor next week for a sciatic nerve issue that's developed. Should I mention it? Is it normal as I work through my ceiling?

Take care, man,


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For me, it has really never been an issue.

Early on I quit using the scale to tell me where I need or want to be.

For me, the clothes fitting better was far more important or more to the point, being able to go to JCP, Sears, WalMart and the such and actually buying stuff right off the shelves!!:)

I figure that if the sizes are getting smaller when I go and buy clothes, I'm going in the right direction.:D

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Hey Mike,

I love the elliptical. I used to get the stars feeling only after a long time (45 mins) and this was before WLS. I get it occasionaly now, but it goes away even if I don't take a machine break.

I am definitely a "SCALE MAN", even thought that isn't the best way to go, but I am not at John's level yet. I hit a plateau and the scale told me so, so I adjusted my diet and I am now back on track. I bought those new Bodyfat and water weight scales. Lowering those percentages is worst than lowering my BMI, but it keeps my goals in perspective. That is I went from getting healthier, to loosing a lot of weight, to now gaining muscle. So if I lose weight and gain muscle, my BF% goes down much faster.

I have switched my workouts from a cardio base to a lifting base with some cardio, but I still have a problem getting in enough protein. The worst thing I fear is that I am simply cannibalizing my newly formed muscle. I still do about 45 minutes of cardio in addition to walking as much as possible about 1/2 mile per day. So John, that is what I fear is happening to you.

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