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Please answer the following questions. I'm writing a research paper on GBS for my college writing class and need some more sources! All are encouraged to fill this out, even if you haven't had the surgery yet. I need people who have had the surgery recently (within the last month or two), people who are more than 6 months out, people that are more than a year out and people that haven't had the surgery but are going through the process of qualification now.

1) Name (first name is fine)

2) Age

3) Height

4) Weight and BMI before surgery

5) Current weight and BMI

6) When was your surgery performed?

7) What did you experience before surgery (emotions, the qualification process, etc)?

8) What did you experience after surgery (emotions, pain, complications, etc)?

9) Were friends/family supportive of your decision? Please describe your experience with them.

10) Did you have co-morbidities before surgery? If so, which ones?

11) Do you have co-morbidities now? If so, are they less severe than they were before surgery?

12) Have you experienced any side-effects since surgery? If so, which ones? (dumping, hair loss, etc.)

13) Overall, how would you rate your experience with GBS (including the good and bad with surgeons, hospital stay and the staff, results, complications, etc)? NOTE: For this question, please do NOT rate the overall experience with a number. Please write out a response.

Thanks for taking the survey! :D

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name: Kathryn

age: 38

Height: 5'2"

weight/bmi before surgery: 294/54

current weight/bmi: 140/26.5

when? 11/25/03

7: I was scared yet excited. tired of beign FAT

8:I was relieved and excited. More energy a little pain not too bad

9: My family was supportive, friends kept trying to tell me not to do it. I told them to shut up

10: My GBPS went without a hitch. I loved the staff at Dr. C's and most of the hospital staff except for LAM the laziest CNA I have ever dealt with. No complications and I am 20 pounds from goal. Most of wich is excess skin.

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10: I had high cholesteral and asthma and severe allergies

11: My allergies are milder and my cholesteral is normal and I haven't used an inhaler in more than a year.

12: We all lose hair at about 4 months out and I dumped on cream of chicken soup. No nasuea and no other problems

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